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A minefield of opposition?

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Vanity Fair -- April 26, 2017
Trump's Base is Flipping Out About the Border Wall
But amazingly, they're blaming the G.O.P. establishment and not the president.
In the wake of Donald Trump's retreat on his signature campaign promise, the “big, beautiful” border wall with Mexico, it was left to Sean Spicer to placate the base that propelled him into the White House --- which itself is not a good sign. Spicer played defense in his signature fashion. “No, I didn't --- no, no, no, no. I never --- no one said delayed. No, no,” he told a reporter who had asked why the president wanted to delay asking Congress for money to build the wall. That said, Spicer admitted, Trump was waiting until Congress began debate on the FY 2018 budget --- nearly six months from now --- before he would approach them with a request for several billion dollars to begin construction. “I think the president's been very clear that he wants a wall,” Spicer insisted, but “I think there's a lot of things that have to happen. It's like any construction.”
    Kellyanne Conway, who'd been in virtual cold storage, was also rolled out, smilingly promising an array of high-tech goodies --- drones, motion detectors, blimps --- to placate the border's restive constituencies. “We'll have those enhancements for border security and then moving on to funding and building the wall later on,” she said on Fox & Friends. But the only people who were cheering these emoluments were mainstreamers, people who'd always believed the Wall was a fantasy, a campaigning prop.

Glenn Spencer -- April 27, 2017
Donald Trump is serious, while George W. Bush was not
    The Secure Fence Act of 2006 called for 700-miles of double-layered fence along the southwest border. It even specified where the fence should be built. We got 35-miles of double-layered fence instead. What happened?
    What happened is that incredible political forces joined together to stop it. These forces are clever, devious and effective. They are unseen and silent. They supported the Secure Fence Act because they knew they had a plan to stop it before it it did its intended job.
    President Trump must now come up with a plan to maneuver through this minefield of opposition before he can really secure the border.
    The opposition know that they will be unable to play the bait and switch again - this time they will no longer be unseen and silent - they will openly oppose any border security from the outset.
    They also know that Donald Trump is serious, while George W. Bush was not.

April 27, 2017

OC Register         
Man and son he's suspected of abducting from California believed to be in Mexico 
Police were searching for a 33-year-old man suspected of taking his 10-year-old son from his Mission Viejo school on Wednesday, April 26. -- Deputies contacted the father on Thursday on his cell phone and believed the pair to be in Mexico. -- Orange County sheriff's deputies said Thursday that the father, Jaime Zepeda, picked up his son, Jaime Huerta, from Linda Vista Elementary School at about 1 p.m.......

Border Patrol agents arrest Mexican man just 10 days after the government deported him 
Border Patrol agents have arrested a Mexican man just 10 days after the federal government deported him. -- Agents arrested Juan Carlos Moreno Martinez near Roma on Saturday. -- "Records checks revealed the Defendant was formally Deported/Excluded from the United States on April 12, 2017, through Del Rio, Texas," according to the federal criminal complaint against him. -- Moreno apparently returned to the United States just 10 days later.......

Illegal-Alien Burden on Taxpayers Dwarfs Cost of Deportation 
CNN reported this week that the U.S. government spends more than $10,000 on average to deport each illegal alien, the implication being that taxpayers pay a heavy price for the removal of those in the country illegally. -- But a group that advocates for enforcing immigration law says the cost of removal is a bargain. -- “What we need to do is start removing the incentive for people to stay here.” -- “It costs a lot more to allow people to remain here,” says Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).......

Sweden Cracks Down on Illegal Workers After Latest Terror Attack 
Sweden on Thursday announced tougher measures against illegal immigration, weeks after the main suspect behind the deadly Stockholm attack was identified as an Uzbek who had ignored a deportation order. -- Slammed for having failed to expel 39-year-old Rakhmat Akilov, who had gone underground after being denied a residency permit in 2016, the government vowed to take action.......

Israeli Firm That Fenced In Gaza Envisions A U.S.-Mexico Non-Wall 
The run-up to Donald Trump's 100th day as President is being marked by a retreat from one of his hallmark promises from the campaign trail: building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. -- “Building that wall and having it funded remains an important priority to him,” Kellyanne Conway, the president's counselor, said on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning, adding that the plan's funding would be left off a budget measure that must pass by Friday in order to avert a government shutdown. “We also know that that can happen later this year and into next year. And in the interim, you see other smart technology and other resources and tools being used toward border security.” White House spokesperson Sean Spicer told reporters “there's obviously a lot of components to that. You've got fencing and drones.”......

Government wants to deport Mexican man for the sixth time 
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detained a Mexican man at the Hidalgo County jail on Friday --- and wants to deport him for the sixth time. -- Officers booked Arturo Pedraza Martinez, 54, of Pharr at the Hidalgo County jail on March 3, according to Sheriff's Office records. -- Pedraza was booked on charges of abandoning or endangering a child, engaging in organized criminal activity and manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance, according to Sheriff's Office records. All three charges were dismissed.......

Immigration officers arrest Mexican man with intoxication manslaughter conviction 
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested a Mexican man with an intoxication manslaughter conviction last week. -- The Harlingen Fugitive Operations Unit arrested Martin Omar Mata-Escamilla, 47, a Mexican citizen who lived in Alamo, according to the federal criminal complaint against him. -- Mata pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter in February 2005, according to Hidalgo County court records. A judge sentenced him to 10 years in prison.......

Tulsa World        
Legislator proposes using seized assets from Oklahoma to fund Mexico border wall  
A Republican legislator from Cleveland County wants to use money from civil asset forfeiture seizures in Oklahoma to help pay for President Donald Trump's planned border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. -- State Rep. Bobby Cleveland announced Thursday that he plans to author an amendment diverting money from the seizures to help pay for construction of the wall, according to a news release from the Oklahoma House of Representatives -- Oklahoma statute allows law enforcement officers to seize property when there is a suspicion of criminal activity. If the person who was holding money seized by officers cannot prove that it wasn't involved in a crime, the cash often stays with the seizing agency and may be used to supplement the department's funds. ......

Glenn Spencer      
Last January we ripped into a Wired Magazine story about border technology. -- Weird Wired Report. --Yesterday, Wired Magazine posted a report on the use of technology along with President Trump's wall.: TRUMP'S WALL IS WORTHLESS IF HE DOESN'T BACK IT UP WITH TECH -- This time the stuff is even worse. For example, they say:
A predecessor to the Integrated Fixed Towers program, known as the Secure Border Initiative, was an example of a border tech project that blew through its budget and faced delays. By contrast, the Fixed Towers program has used $23 million of its total slated $145 million so far, and Customs and Border Protection reported to Congress last year that the towers being tested were functioning as intended. Overall, the agency has consistently argued that it favors a "virtual wall."
Did anyone tell Wired that last year, six of the Integrated Fixed Towers were installed near Nogales, Arizona, at a cost of $145 million?-- Did anyone tell Wired that eight more of the towers are being built near the Coronado National Forest at a cost of $148 million --- but that the project appears to have been halted? --That's a total of nearly $300 million --- not $23 million and the camera towers may be in the wrong places!

NY Daily News         
Mexican who sought refuge in Colorado church detained by immigration agents 
A Mexican man who once sought sanctuary from deportation in a Colorado church was detained by federal immigration agents Wednesday morning as he went to a warehouse to get tile to install on a job, his wife said Wednesday. -- Arturo Hernandez has one daughter who is a U.S. citizen and a second protected from deportation under an Obama administration program for people brought to the country illegally as children. His detention comes as the Trump administration charts a more aggressive approach to deportation than its predecessor.......

Washington Times         
NYC to pay for lawyers for illegals 
New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has earmarked more than $16 million in city taxpayer funds to pay for lawyers to help illegal immigrants fight deportation as part of his 2018 budget. -- The money is to be used to pay for “legal representation for immigrant New Yorkers facing deportation and other immigration challenges,” the mayor's office said as he released his proposal Wednesday. -- Mr. DeBlasio's move follows New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's promise of $10 million in taxpayer funds earmarked for the same purpose statewide.......

Mexico's ruling party, others caught in old tricks  
The scene was so typical of Mexico's long-dominant ruling party that it could have happened a half century ago: poor women lined up under a blazing sun, waiting for a politician to show up hours late for a rally they had been obliged to attend under threat of losing benefits from an anti-poverty program. -- But unlike a half-century ago, there were a couple of independent media outlets interviewing the women, who were hot, tired and outraged that a government program would be used for political purposes.......

Illegal alien accused of sexual assaulting 14-year-old girl: Feds 
A soccer coach accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl is in the country illegally, according to federal authorities. People who know him are standing behind the coach. -- "This good man. You say he's a good man? Yes." Yasmin Lopez is defending the man who she says coached her son in soccer. -- 39-year-old Francisco Prado-Contreras is not only facing sex charges for allegedly impregnating a 14-year- old girl but federal authorities confirm he is also in the United States illegally.......

LA Times         
Berkeley braces for 'riot-like' protests even without Ann Coulter 
After weeks of debate, conservative commentator Ann Coulter won't speak at UC Berkeley. -- But protesters are still expected to be out in force. Here's what could happen today: UC Berkeley Police Capt. Alex Yao said authorities expect extremists to arrive on campus “to have violence against each other.” He said students should expect a heavy police presence Thursday and “a very, very low tolerance of violence.”......

Liberty News Now        
Overwhelmed U.S. Deportation Officers Lose Track of Thousands of Criminals 
The federal agency responsible for deporting illegal immigrants is in serious trouble, with overwhelmed officers that can't keep up with monstrous workloads and repeatedly lose track of hardcore criminals inside the United States. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens with criminal records have been released by authorities in the U.S. and the Homeland Security agency responsible for keeping track of them, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), is doing a miserable job, according to a new audit made public this week by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General. -- As of August 2016, ICE was supervising about 2.2 million aliens released into communities throughout the nation. Officially they are known as appearing on the “non-detained docket.” About 368,574 are convicted criminals, the watchdog report states.......

RNC Chair: GOP Base Will 'Walk Away' in Midterms If Border Wall Is Not Built 
Wednesday on the Laura Ingraham's nationally syndicated radio show, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel said if Congress doesn't help President Donald Trump begin to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall, voters will walk away from the GOP in 2018. -- Ingraham asked, “The President comes out yesterday and says there's going to be a wall. So what is the RNC doing specifically to push the Trump agenda and help it get traction in Congress?”......

David Olen Cross          
Lars Larson Show: Criminal Alien of the Week Report 
It has been an interesting fourth full week in the month of April when it comes to criminal aliens (illegal aliens) here in the Pacific Northwest. -- This week we take a look at for your radio listeners for a second time this month illegal aliens who transport illicit drugs up Interstate-5 (I-5). -- On Wednesday, April 5, 2017 an Oregon State Police (OSP) Trooper stopped a 1996 Ford Taurus with a California license plate for a turn signal violation on I-5, near mile post 243, which is located in Marion County, Oregon. The two occupants of the Ford Taurus were the driver Arturo Lua Carbajal, age 47, and the passenger Ernesto Chavez-Cruz, age 54.......

Ann Coulter         
Not Building the Wall IS a Government Shutdown 
The media flip back and forth on who's to blame for a government shutdown depending on which branch is controlled by Republicans. But the “shutdown” hypothetical in this case is a trick question. -- A failure to build the wall IS a government shutdown. -- Of course it would be unfortunate if schoolchildren couldn't visit national parks and welfare checks didn't get mailed on time. But arranging White House tours isn't the primary function of the government. -- The government's No. 1 job is to protect the nation. -- This has always been true, but it's especially important at this moment in history, when we have drugs, gang members, diseases and terrorists pouring across our border. The failure of the government to close our border is the definition of a government shutdown.......

April 26, 2017

Smugglers run from Border Patrol agents --- right into the Rio Grande 
Border Patrol agents foiled a brazen smuggling attempt Friday afternoon near Brownsville. -- Agents watched a Ford Ranger loaded with bundles float across the Rio Grande near Brownsville, according to a news release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. When the Ford reached the riverbank, the driver headed north. -- Border Patrol approached the Ford, prompting the driver to reverse --- straight into the river.......

With tensions flaring, Texas House debates "sanctuary" legislation 
House Democrats have done everything from warn Republicans against heckling them to shedding tears during floor speeches in what has already been a contentious debate on Senate bill 4, which would ban “sanctuary” jurisdictions throughout Texas. -- As of 2 p.m., the Texas House had only considered five amendments --- all submitted by Democrats --- which were all voted down along party lines. But before debate on actual policy started, Democrats tried their best to tug at Republican heartstrings in hopes of diluting what they labeled an “intentionally” racist proposal.......

Mexican Border Mayoral Candidate is Brother of Los Zetas Cartel Boss 
Piedras Negras, Coah. -- One of the leading mayoral candidates in the upcoming election in this border city is the brother of a top boss in the ruthless Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel, while other of his relatives have spent time in U.S. federal prison on drug trafficking offenses. Piedras Negras sits immediately across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. -- Lorenzo Menera Sierra is currently running as an independent candidate for mayor in the upcoming election in this border city. The businessman turned politician claims to be running a grassroots campaign aimed at cleaning up Piedras Negras.......

Blasting News       
Donald Trump firm on the need for the Mexico border wall 
In the course of his presidential election campaign, #Donald Trump had promised to build a #border wall and had also indicated that Mexico would bear its cost. The intention of the wall was to prevent entry of illegal immigrants and drugs from Mexico. However, the president has now admitted that funding will not come from Mexico at the moment, and U.S. taxpayers will have to chip in to make the wall a reality. -- According to Washington Times, some lawmakers have brought out a relevant point about the need for the border wall because, as per information available, there has already been a drastic drop in the number of people trying to cross over through the southwestern border. In the opinion of the Trump administration, this drop is a result of the firm stand taken by President Donald Trump. His attitude has forced illegal immigrants from Latin America to reconsider their decisions, but the wall would still be needed to maintain the momentum.......

When Prosecuting Illegals, Brooklyn District Attorney Aims to Shield Them from Deportation 
Brooklyn is taking steps to protect immigrants charged with low-level crimes from being deported. -- Acting District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced a new policy Monday that asks prosecutors to consider the immigration consequences when dealing with charges that are misdemeanors in New York, but could affect someone's citizenship application or warrant deportation on a federal level. -- "A plea bargain that would have a disparate impact on undocumented or documented people here, non citizens, is unfair," Gonzalez said.......

Washington Times         
Illegal aliens coached on deportation protection 
A massive anti-deportation infrastructure has emerged to try to protect illegal immigrants from President Trump's crackdown, with advocacy groups coaching potential deportees on how to massage encounters with police, and lawyers and judges working to shield them from charges that would make them priorities for deportation. -- A video released Monday by a coalition of advocates instructs illegal immigrants not to open the door to federal agents, what proof to demand if they are being arrested and what to say if accosted outside their homes.......

Washington Examiner         
95 criminal illegal aliens nabbed in Southeast Texas 
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested 95 illegal immigrants with criminal records in Southeast Texas as part of a four-day operation that ended April 21, the agency said Monday. -- Fifty-seven were in Harris County, which includes all of Houston. Montgomery County, just north of Houston, had the second-highest number of arrests with 13. The other illegal immigrants were taken into custody from Brazoria, Ft. Bend, Galveston, Liberty, Matagorda and Wharton counties. Eight women and 87 men were among those picked up. -- The operation targeted criminals, illegal re-entrants and immigration fugitives, which President Trump said in a Jan. 27 executive order were a priority for deportation.......

Fox News        
Border wall talk leads top Mexican official to float American entry fee 
A top Mexican official on Tuesday said that Mexico may consider charging a fee for Americans entering the country in what could be seen as a retaliation to President Trump's call for a border wall. -- Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray, in a meeting with Mexico's top legislators, called Trump's plan an "unfriendly, hostile" act, and called on his colleagues to consider the entry fee. -- "We could explore --- not necessarily a visa, that could impede a lot of people from coming to Mexico --- but we could perhaps (have) a fee associated with entry,” Videgaray said. “This is something that I'm sure will be part of our discussion, and I believe we can find points of agreement."......

Washington Times         
DHS to open office for victims of crimes by illegal aliens 
Homeland Security on Wednesday will officially open its office to assist victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, making good on a promise President Trump made during the campaign. -- Mr. Trump has identified victims of illegal immigrant crime as a forgotten population in the immigration debate and has given parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants an unprecedented platform to make their case for stiffer enforcement.......

Arizona Border: Why a Barbed Wire Fence Isn't Cutting it to Keep Bad Guys Out 
On his 50,000-acre ranch in southern Arizona, Jim Chilton watches over some 900 cows and bulls while keeping a close eye out for the thousands of drug smugglers and illegal immigrants that cross his land every year. The surveillance cameras he has mounted across the ranch tell the story. "I have evidence, hard evidence," he tells CBN News, "of people coming through and they're mainly drug packers bringing into the U.S. --- marijuana, cocaine, meth and heroin." -- The video Chilton watches on his dining room table shows group after group of young men, often dressed in camouflage, wearing backpacks and slipping across Chilton's ranch.......

Trump blames 'fake media' as he insists he's not backing off border wall
President Donald Trump on Tuesday aggressively pushed back against the idea that he's easing away from his pledge to build a massive border wall, imploring his Twitter followers to not “let the fake media tell you that I have changed my position on the WALL.” -- A border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, paid for by the Mexican government, was a foundation of Trump's campaign, and his overall hard-line stance on immigration became a rallying cry for his supporters, who often chanted “build that wall” at his events.......

Defense One        
DHS Chief: Without Localities' Help, 'We Have to Go Into Neighborhoods' to Find Illegal Aliens 
Against a dusty backdrop, the sound of heavy truck traffic riding a hot breeze from a nearby Mexican highway, Department of Homeland Security chief John Kelly said Friday that the department would continue its controversial practice of arresting undocumented immigrants in places like courthouses or places where those people might go to seek services, report crimes, or even file paperwork to postpone deportation. -- “The best place for us to pick up these illegal criminals is in jails and prisons. It is inconceivable to me that an elected official at any level would prefer these types of men and women to be released into the community,” Kelly said.......

Illegal Alien Named Suspect In February Child Rape Case
The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office released the name of Santiago Martinez-Flores Monday as the man suspected of breaking into an apartment and sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl. -- The 48-year-old has also been known to use the aliases “Felipe Coeto” and “Isidro Ramos Flores.” -- Martinez-Flores has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1994 and was deported to Mexico in March of 2001 after serving about two years in the Oregon Department of Corrections. ......

My AJC        
Ted Cruz proposes using assets seized from El Chapo to fund border wall
As President Donald Trump struggles to persuade Congress to pay for his oft-promised border wall and Mexico continues to insist it will not spend a dime on the project, Sen. Ted Cruz has come up with another idea. -- The Texas Republican introduced a bill Tuesday that would use assets seized from Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and other drug lords to pay for the wall and bolster border security. -- The proposal, first reported by Axios, would repurpose $14 billion in assets that the government is seeking from the notorious Mexican drug kingpin to complete the wall......

The Week          
Mexico calls Trump's border wall a 'hostile' act 
Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said Tuesday that Mexico considers President Trump's proposed border wall a "hostile" act and he emphasized again that the country will not contribute to the cost of the wall in any way, Reuters reports. -- Earlier in April, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Videgaray, but admitted they did not have a conversation about the wall. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who supports the wall, has said flatly that "Mexico's not going to pay" despite Trump's repeated promises.......

64 Percent of DEA Fugitives are from Mexico, Figures Show 
A review of the Drug Enforcement Agency's (DEA) wanted fugitive list revealed that less than 16 percent of DEA fugitives are from the United States. -- The review of the DEA's wanted fugitive list took place from April 18 to April 21, 2017, in which all 21 DEA divisions were analyzed. -- The 21 DEA divisions that oversee the United States had a total of 902 listed fugitives. The place-of-birth of 115 of the 902 fugitives is unknown.......

Fox News         
AZ Ranchers Fire Back After Pelosi Calls Border Wall 'Immoral' & 'Unwise' 
In a "Meet the Press" interview on Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said President Trump's planned border wall is "immoral," "expensive" and "unwise." -- Pelosi argued that "the president is expressing a sign of weakness" by wanting to a wall to slow the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. -- "Democrats do not support the wall," Pelosi said. "Republicans in the border states do not support the wall."......

Mexico Worries That A New Border Wall Will Worsen Flooding 
As the White House pushes Congress to fund President Trump's U.S.-Mexico border wall, a new wrinkle has emerged that could stymie parts of the massive project. -- Mexican engineers believe construction of the border barrier may violate a 47-year-old treaty governing the shared waters of the Rio Grande. If Mexico protests, the fate of the wall could end up in an international court. -- Antonio Rascón, chief Mexican engineer on the International Boundary and Water Commission, said in an interview with NPR that some border wall proposals he has seen would violate the treaty, and that Mexico would not stand for that.......

SUV leads Border Patrol on chase in South Bay 
Seven people were taken into custody following a chase in the South Bay involving U.S. Border Patrol agents ended in a rollover crash. -- The pursuit began at about 11:45 p.m. when Border Patrol agents tried to pull over a red SUV on northbound state Route 125 near Otay Mesa Road, according to authorities. However, the SUV fled from agents, prompting a pursuit. -- The chase ended minutes later when the SUV tried to turn onto an access road but struck a guardrail. The collision sent the SUV rolling down an embankment before it came to rest in a riverbed.......


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