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features that were particularly good. This is from February 20, 2016.

Intimidation on Parade
Mexicans Stop Sanctuary Cities Bill

Thirteen hundred miles from the border, Mexican flags are prominent at rally against sanctuary cities bill. -- Also: Protesters have filled the rotunda, shouting "WI is not Arizona!" They're being kept back from the Assembly chamber. (See Photo)
Fox 6-TV -- September 18, 2015   
"Si se puede!" -- Massive crowd rallies at Capitol in Madison against "anti-immigrant" bills
    Madison, Wis. -- Thousands of Latinos and immigrants from around the state demonstrated outside the Capitol in Madison Thursday, February 18th in an effort to put a stop to legislation they say targets immigrants. The event was called "A Day Without Latinos," and 20,000 people walked off the job and out of class to take part.
    The demonstrators chanted and held signs on the square outside the Capitol Thursday morning, amid temperatures below freezing.

Wisconsin Lawmaker: Sanctuary cities bill not a priority
    A day after thousands gathered in and around the Capitol to protest two bills they called anti-immigrant, the office of Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Friday that one of the bills, which would withhold state funding from so-called sanctuary cities, is not a priority for passage.
    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Friday that Madison is one of the “sanctuary cities” the measure is meant to restrict, but Madison police call that label inaccurate.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Winning Civil War II
    It all started in Los Angeles with Special Order 40. I fought against Special Order 40 for ten years in California because I knew where it would lead.
    Across the U.S., there are over 300 cities, counties, and states that are considered "sanctuary cities".
    Last October, Obama killed a Senate anti-sanctuary cities bill some say was inspired by Donald Trump.
    Let me make this clear: If under a President Trump, the federal government stepped in and tried to put a halt to sanctuary cities, we would see the second civil war.
    If we elect Hillary we wouldn't have that civil war for at least 4 years. The difference is: Under Trump, we would win Civil War II.
PS: I realize that civil war is "a war between citizens of the same country.” What is happening involves an invading force that is supported by citizens (some made so by amnesty) - and a foreign power - Mexico. We may need a new word for this.

October 26, 2016

Fox News       
Immigration protest shuts down upper lanes of George Washington Bridge during rush hour commute 
A protest for immigrant rights Wednesday morning shut down New York City-bound traffic on the upper lanes of the George Washington Bridge. -- The protest reportedly organized by the NY Worker Federation was demanding equal rights for immigrants. Video posted to Twitter showed one driver getting out of a vehicle and fighting with one of the protesters. -- The group of about 10 people had a large banner that they spread across the lanes saying: "Resist, organized, rise up!".....

'Hillary's Amnesty' and 'Trump's Wall' Causing Rush to Texas, Says Border Patrol Agent 
Illegal immigrants, mostly from Central America, are flooding across Texas' southern border ahead of the 2016 General Election. Border Patrol agents are seeing numbers of illegal immigrants at or above the historic 2014 levels. -- “Cartel connected human smugglers are telling people they need to get across the border now,” U.S. Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera told Breitbart Texas in his capacity as president of National Border Patrol Council Local 3307......

Hot Air       
The surrender on immigration has already begun   
We're seeing plenty of examples of how the media has already skipped over the nuisance of holding an election and determined that Hillary Clinton is effectively the next President of the United States. If that does happen (and it's still an “if” at this point, no matter what you're hearing on cable news), Secretary Clinton's supporters are expecting some rapid movement on a “comprehensive immigration reform” package. I've already written about how this might be far from a done deal, but you can expect the media to jump on this bandwagon in a big way......

Immigration provokes clash in senate debate   
Sen. John McCain's defense during a debate with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick of the senate's refusal to fill a U.S. Supreme Court vacancy has blown up into a national furor. -- Sen. John McCain's defense during a debate with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick of the senate's refusal to fill a U.S. Supreme Court vacancy has blown up into a national furor. -- McCain, 80, made his comment initially during an extended discussion of immigration reforms. He defended the Republican-controlled senate's refusal to hold hearings on President Barak Obama's nomination of a justice to fill the seat vacant after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia......

Feds Charge Sheriff Arpaio With Criminal Contempt-of-Court   
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been officially charged with criminal contempt-of-court over claims he ignored a judge's order in a racial profiling case. The move by the federal government comes just two weeks before Arpaio stands before the voters of Maricopa County for re-election to his seventh term. -- Breitbart Texas' Lana Shadwick reported on October 11, that prosecutors for the Department of Justice were preparing charges for his allegedly violations of a court order on racial profiling. At that time, Judge Susan Bolton asked the prosecutors to write a “show cause order” for her to sign......

Washington Times         
Sanctuary city illegal immigrant sparks $61M fire in national forest   
Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos had been deported five times in just the past four years, yet each time he has managed to sneak from Mexico back into the U.S., where he ended up in more mischief: driving without a license, attempted burglary and felony weapons charges. -- In August, he graduated to full-fledged mayhem, sparking a fire in the Sequoia National Forest that has already cost the government $61 million and left some of the country's most beautiful landscape scarred for years to come......

St. George Spectrum
Immigrant pleads guilty to gun brandishing incident   
An immigrant who is allegedly in the country without legal authority pleaded guilty Tuesday to pulling a gun during a dispute with participants in a summer family party at Sand Hollow Reservoir. -- Mario Esteban Zepeda-Palma, 25, expects that he will likely be deported as a result of the guilty plea, which follows his August conviction on charges of possessing and intending to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine, defense attorney Kenneth Combs told 5th District Court Judge Jeffrey Wilcox......

Mark Krikorian -- Inside Sources        
Time to Downsize the Federal Immigration Program    
Immigration is a federal government program. Like many programs, it can be beneficial. But also like many programs, it has become overgrown and no longer serves the national interest. -- A modern society like ours doesn't need any immigration. With a third of a billion people spanning a continent, the idea that America can't prosper without importing people from abroad is silly. .....

October 25, 2016

Hot Air         
They're with her: Illegal immigrants go door-to-door on behalf of Hillary 
In 2012 the Obama Administration granted temporary legal status to close to 750,000 illegal immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.Now they are going door-to-door campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. -- The Washington Post followed the campaign activities in Norther Virginia, a crucial purple region that could very well determine the outcome in Virginia and, possibly the national electoral college resultsThe Washington Post followed the campaign activities in Norther Virginia, a crucial purple region that could very well determine the outcome in Virginia and, possibly the national electoral college results.....

Fox News Latino         
Immigrant who claimed school official sexually abused him charged by police   
Authorities have dropped child sex abuse charges against an Indian River School District employee and have charged her accuser with making false statements to police. -- Georgetown police arrested 20-year-old Natanael Perez-Gonzalez on Monday on charges of falsely reporting an incident, providing a false statement to police, and forgery......

October 24, 2016

American Patrol      
Obama to rescind Gadsden Purchase?
There is a rumor afoot that Barack Obama will rescind the Gadsden Purchase and return parts of Arizona and New Mexico to Mexico before the end of the year. -- Under the plan, Mexico would pay the United States $263,814,815 --- the price the U.S. paid for the territory in 1854, adjusted for inflation. -- Over a five year term, residents of the area that includes Tuscon Arizona, would be given Mexican work permits good for ten years, during which they could become full Mexican citizens, after passing language and cultural tests. They would have to renounce their U.S. citizenship.

L.A. Times       
Nearly 1 in 4 students at this L.A. high school migrated from Central America --- many without their parents    
Gaspar Marcos stepped off the 720 bus into early-morning darkness in MacArthur Park after the end of an eight-hour shift of scrubbing dishes in a Westwood restaurant. -- He walked toward his apartment, past laundromats fortified with iron bars and scrawled with graffiti, shuttered stores that sold knockoffs and a cook staffing a taco cart in eerie desolation. Around 3 a.m., he collapsed into a twin bed in a room he rents from a family......

Fox News Latino         
Texas soccer coach, an undocumented immigrant, accused of abusing 8 players   
A soccer coach in Texas was arrested after he was accused of sexually abused eight of his players --- boys between 10 and 15. -- Police say more players are likely to come forward. -- Marcos Ramos, an undocumented immigrant living in Corsicana, Texas, is also is wanted in his native Guatemala for sexually assaulting children, police said. He faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and five counts of indecency with a child......

American Patrol Report      
Trump/SPLC/Blackout leaves ABP almost broke
    Donald Trump launched his campaign promising to solve the border problem. That was good for America, but not so good for American Border Patrol. Since last summer donations to ABP have dropped by almost 60%, making it difficult to operate with full effectiveness, according the Glenn Spencer, head of ABP.
    "For fourteen years we have fought to get action on security our border, and now Donald Trump says he will," Spencer said. "It is not surprising, then, that people would support someone with our goals --- and with the ability to do something about it --- and in a way we have done our job," he added.
    Spencer said the decades-long attack on him by the Southern Poverty Law Center has long hindered his ability to gain support for his work.
    "If Trump loses, the SPLC will be happy to know their tactics worked," Spencer said.
    Spencer has never earned a salary during his fourteen years as head of the organization.
    Compare that to the head of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, whose president earned $295,638 in 2014.
    "FAIR's president now earns more than the entire annual budget of ABP," Spencer commented.
    Spencer said the blackout by the mainstream media --- and the attack by the SPLC --- has made it difficult to raise funds --- especially from foundations.

October 23, 2016

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
 Hillary Clinton states that it is a "right" for immigrants and refugees to come into our country. This is inaccurate and not a true statement. It is a privilege and an honor. -- The U.S. government admits individuals only after a thorough screening abroad to ensure they meet the legal definition of a refugee and they in no way pose a national security or health threat to the U.S. -- It is critical that only those refugees who believe in our Constitution, embrace American values, a tolerant American society, and expect to flourish in our country will be considered for a visa. They must not sympathize with extremist groups or support bigotry. -- The Democratic Party platform encourages an open door policy. The Republican platform opposes any form of amnesty for those who have entered illegally and cannot be carefully vetted, specifically those whose homelands have been a breeding ground for terrorism........

October 22, 2016

Hillary goes all-in for unlimited migration   
The United Nations has cooked up a “New Urban Agenda” coming soon to a city near you. -- It was unveiled this week in Quito, Ecuador, at the so-called Habitat III conference. -- And part of the plan, enthusiastically embraced by Hillary Clinton, calls for unlimited migration across open borders. Migrants displaced by war, failing economies or other hardships will be seen as having “rights” in nations other than their own...

Obama Released 52K Illegal Alien Kids Into the US in FY2016   
Anyone remember when Jeh Johnson vowed that our borders weren't open to illegal immigration, or when President Obama promised that anyone who recently crossed into the U.S. from Mexico wouldn't be allowed to stay? -- The lie detector test determined: those were lies. -- According to recently released data reviewed by MRCTV, the Department of Homeland released another 52,147 illegal alien kids into the United States in fiscal year 2016, averaging about 149 per day. Processed as "refugees," these children are in many cases sent to a family member who's also here illegally......

October 21, 2016

Glenn Spencer         
Hillary: How do we know?
The Los Angeles Times says "It's the foundation of Donald Trump's presidential campaign: curbing illegal immigration and securing the border." -- It goes on to say:
    "Trump's claim that Hillary Clinton wants 'open borders' doesn't hold up.
    "None of Clinton's proposals suggests “open borders” that allow “everybody” to enter.  
    "Her plan calls for boosting border security and 'detaining and deporting those individuals who pose a violent threat to public safety.'"
    I have one question for Hillary Clinton: Unless we stop and interrogate every illegal border crosser, how do we know who is a violent threat?

Richard F. LaMountain (OFIR) -- Portland Tribune       
Trump right about immigration   
Among Democrats, it is an article of faith that their party, and not the GOP, best represents poor and economically vulnerable Americans. -- But on the critical issue of undocumented immigration, it is the policies of Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, which would best improve those Americans' lives. And by their votes on 2014's Measure 88, the undocumented-immigrant driver card referendum, many rank-and-file Oregon Democrats --- if not their party's elite --- proved they may well agree. .....

'The New Normal': California's Severe Drought Could Last Indefinitely, New Study Says   
A grim new study led by a UCLA geography professor revealed that the current 5-year drought in California could last indefinitely, with the resulting arid conditions becoming "the new normal" for the state. -- The study, which looked at prolonged periods of dryness in California over the past 10,000 years, was published Thursday in the Nature.com journal Scientific Reports......

October 20, 2016

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol         
Another Trump immigration screw up
    TRUMP: President Obama has moved millions of people out. Nobody knows about it, nobody talks about it. But under Obama, millions of people have been moved out of this country. They've been deported. She doesn't want to say that, but that's what's happened, and that's what happened big league
    Obama isn't deporting millions, he redefined deportations to include people who voluntarily return to Mexico after apprehension by the US Border Patrol --- thus boosting the numbers falsely.
    See the L.A. Times: "High deportation figures are misleading".
    The problem is that Obama is NOT deporting people --- even criminals who have been caught.
    Trump defeated his own argument that Obama was not enforcing immigration laws, and neither will Hillary.
    Yes, I know that when the media challenge Trump on this they would have to admit that Obama was lying --- but Trump is lying as well --- and he should never do that.
    Whoever suggested Trump use this argument is an idiot.

Glenn Spencer         
Where Trump may have lost the election
    During the debate Chris Wallace asked Clinton about the WikiLeaks story...
    WALLACE: Secretary Clinton, I want to clear up your position on this issue, because in a speech you gave to a Brazilian bank, for which you were paid $225,000, we've learned from the WikiLeaks, that you said this, and I want to quote. "My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders." So that's the question....
    Clinton then tried to change the subject to the influence of Russia.
TRUMP: That was a great pivot off the fact that she wants open borders, OK? How did we get on to Putin?
    He goes on to allow the pivot.
    TRUMP: She wants open borders. People are going to pour into our country. People are going to come in from Syria. She wants 550 percent more people than Barack Obama, and he has thousands and thousands of people. They have no idea where they come from.
    And you see, we are going to stop radical Islamic terrorism in this country. She won't even mention the words, and neither will President Obama. So I just want to tell you, she wants open borders.
    Now we can talk about Putin. I don't know Putin. He said nice things about me. If we got along well, that would be good. If Russia and the United States got along well and went after ISIS, that would be good.
    He has no respect for her. He has no respect for our president. And I'll tell you what: We're in very serious trouble, because we have a country with tremendous numbers of nuclear warheads -- 1,800, by the way -- where they expanded and we didn't, 1,800 nuclear warheads. And she's playing chicken. Look, Putin...
    Trump completely blew the opportunity to focus on the border, including the fact that Central Americans are flooding across the Texas border reported two days before the debate --- all engineered by the White House.
    At this point I turned off the TV and walked away. He may have just lost the election.

October 19, 2016

John Conlin -- Daily Caller        
Illegal Immigration Hurts Young Americans The Most 
Every year about 4 million American youngsters move on from high school. On average just over 80% of them graduate and the others, around 760,000 each and every year, just move on. Unfortunately the economic futures of those who don't obtain a high school diploma are rather bleak. They are made bleaker in that they will in all likelihood be competing for jobs against millions of illegal immigrants who are willing to work for far below market wages.....

Washington Free Beacon        
Illegal Immigrants 'Surge' on Southern Border Ahead of 2016 Election 
The Obama administration has confirmed a large surge of illegal immigrants along America's southern border less than a month before the presidential election that has thrust the issue onto the national stage. -- The Department of Homeland Security published new statistics on Monday that confirmed at least 408,870 illegal aliens were apprehended along the U.S. southern border in fiscal year 2016, a 23 percent surge from this time last year......

October 18, 2016

Glenn Spencer         
What Martha McSally doesn't want you to see
Last Saturday I ran a demonstration of SEIDARM for Danish TV. In a video, "Identicopter" lifts off and suddenly races off across the desert as an alarm yells out "People Red" You will see SEIDARM alarms flashing as Identicopter heads in their direction. It doesn't take long before two people are spotted and Identicopter begins tracking them. -- At the end of the video, Identicopter takes a close-up of the Danish TV crew. -- Rep. Martha McSally does not want you to look at this video.

A Survey       
Immigration Letters From Around the Country  
The national union representing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) employees has for the first time in its history made an endorsement for president, namely Donald Trump. -- Do we need any better indication that there is a serious illegal immigration problem on our border with Mexico? Those who deal with it on a daily basis are begging for help, and believe that Trump will give it to them. -- They are supporting Trump, and so should America........


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