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December 28, 2016

Congressional Open-Border Swamp
Chairwoman Martha McSally, Resident

Raising money under false pretenses --- with Megyn Kelly's help
Glenn Spencer    
Draining the Swamp
    I was disgusted last March when I got a fund-raising letter in the mail from Rep. McSally. She was asking for my help in gaining operational control of the border, after I had been trying to give that her help for months - only to be ignored (joining the mainstream media). She was raising money under false pretenses.  
   After eleven years of careful study, in 2013 I delivered a paper in Dallas, Texas, entitled "What is Border Security and How Will We Know When We Have it?".
    I concluded that the problem with border security was the very definition of border security itself.
    Using congressional testimony, I proved that management of the DHS had repeatedly rejected the legal definition of their job as stated in the Secure Fence Act of 2006, i.e., to establish operational control of the border - which the Act defines as: "...the prevention of all unlawful entries".
    DHS management did not want to "prevent all unlawful entries" --- just those they believed sought to do "harm to the country" --- however they might figure that one out.
    I was excited when Martha McSally ran to be my congressional representative, only later to find some rather strange behavior on her part.
    Early this year Rep. McSally was named to chair the House Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee, replacing ---- in mid-stream ---- Rep. Candice Miller who was doing an excellent job dealing with operational control of the border.
    After a detailed analysis of her May 24 hearing, I have concluded --- without the shadow of a doubt --- that Rep. McSally was named to head that subcommittee to forestall public discussion of operational control of the border.
    I urge President-elect Trump to find out how Rep. McSally became Chairwoman of the House Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee --- and to make sure that whoever made it possible will not have a position of authority --- or trust --- in his administration.
    This part of the swamp is in serious need of draining.