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January 8, 2016

Do the media really lie about the border?
You Bet!

Left - What much of the border really fence looks like (see larger photo).
Right - Typical of what a Google "images" search of "border fence" produces.
Southern Arizona News-Examiner -- January 7, 2016 
Male, military-aged Middle Easterners exploiting border weakness
    As President Barack Obama busies himself creating gun control executive orders to “protect” Americans from violence, his immigration policies are allowing military-aged men from terror strongholds in the Middle East to stroll across the nation's southern border.
    According to reports, the final months of 2015 brought a surge of Afghan and Pakistani nationals attempting to enter the U.S. illegally via the southern border. The San Diego sector of the Border Patrol has been a particularly hot area for the Middle Eastern illegal immigrants, with records showing that Border Protection agents detained 22 Pakistanis and two Afghans between October and November.
    “We have detained more Pakistanis and Afghans in the first month of this fiscal year than we did all last year,” Border Patrol agent Richard Smith told the San Diego Reader late last year.
    Since November, records show that three more Afghans and six more Pakistanis have entered the country illegally.
    Among the Middle Eastern illegal immigrants coming to the country were Muhammad Azeem and Muktar Ahmad, both men in their twenties who surrendered to U.S. Border Patrol agents in September. Records searchers showed that both young men have possible ties to terror organizations.
    But border security experts say the number of Middle Easterners who are caught or turn themselves in at the border are less concerning than those who may be successfully eluding authorities.