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January 9, 2016

A Colony of the World?
Senator McCarthy Warned Us -- January 8, 2016 
NYPD breaks up pro-immigration protest
    Activists opposed to the US authorities rounding up and deporting immigrants have organized a protest outside the Immigration Court in New York City, bringing a busy district of lower Manhattan to a standstill.
    Dozens of protesters blocked the intersection of Varick and Houston Streets in lower Manhattan, where the Immigration Court for New York City is located. They are carrying signs protesting the recent raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), rounding up over a hundred people who were in the US illegally.
    The New York Police Department has attempted to clear the street. Several protesters were arrested.
    The activists demanded an end to ICE raids and that New York City adopt a 'sanctuary city' policy of refusing to enforce federal immigration laws.
    Some of the signs at the protest proclaimed: “Close prisons --- open borders”, “No human is illegal”, “Not one more deportation: cut the fence.” There were also several signs with vulgar messages aimed at the immigration authorities, in English and Spanish.

Book Review - 1993
By Eugene McCarthy
    In Eugene McCarthy's new book, A Colony of the World The United States Today, the former senator observes that, historically, colonialism has been characterized by political, military, economic, demographic, and cultural control of the colonial territory by a foreign country. [...]
    McCarthy concludes his discussion of these matters by outlining the elements of a sensible and eminently practical immigration policy. This includes halting the flow of illegal immigrants at the border, vigorously enforcing employer sanctions, overhauling refugee policy, and changing the basis of legal immigration away from the kinship standard to one based on needed skills. As we go to press, it is noteworthy that the former Senator, who has long been the 'liberal conscience' in America, has not been consulted by our new President.

Los Angeles Times - October 16, 1993
300 Rally Against NAFTA, Loose U.S. Borders : Warner Park: Eugene McCarthy and William Dannemeyer assail the proposed trade pact and illegal immigration.
(Note: The person identified in this article as Glenn Stevens is Glenn Spencer. He organized the rally and had dinner with Senator McCarthy afterwards.)