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January 16, 2016

Is Bill O'Reilly really that stupid?
TV host says Barack Obama is a patriot
Bill O'Reilly has long advocated amnesty for illegal aliens.
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- January 16, 2016 
Bill O'Reilly - A loyal soldier in the Conquest of Aztlan
    Long before he was first elected, Barack Obama expressed his open support for Mexican reconquistas.
    He was true to his word and worked tirelessly to keep our southern border open and stop enforcing our immigration laws.
    For the past seventeen years I have watched Bill O'Reilly very closely. (A search of would find 207 stories I posted about O'Reilly since 1999.)
    (I appeared on the O'Reilly Factor once in 2001 --- and cleaned the clock of the Mexican lawyer they put up to eviscerate me.)
    Any objective person who examines the record carefully has to conclude that O'Reilly favors open borders with Mexico and amnesty for illegal aliens.
    Sure, he waxes eloquently about "Kate's Law" --- but enforcing it would fill our jails and he knows it.
    Not only that, Operation Streamline already does what O'Reilly called for.
    In his four-part interview of Obama prior to the 2008 election, O'Reilly mentioned immigration only once --- briefly.
    This was after Obama expressed his open support for Mexican reconquistas --- and O'Reilly had to know it.
    He passed up the chance to warn America.
    This past week I watched as O'Reilly reiterated his opinion that Barack Obama is a patriot.
    Barack Obama is not a patriot - he is an enemy of the United States. He is aiding those who wish to return the Southwest to the jurisdiction of Mexico --- the Conquest of Aztlan.
    By openly asserting that Barack Hussein Obama is a patriot, Bill O'Reilly raises questions about his patriotism because for years he has been a loyal soldier in that conquest.