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January 18, 2016

Allen B. West-- January 17, 2016 
Will what Rubio just said about immigration END his campaign?
    When Marco Rubio was pictured smiling with Senator Chuck Schumer in 2013 along with the rest of the “Gang of Eight” after devising their ill-fated “comprehensive immigration plan,” you could hear the collective sigh from conservatives across the country as their hearts sank.
    Since then, the articulate Florida senator has been very clear about his stance on immigration --- depending on which way the breeze is blowing on that particular day.
    But the problem is the sands are shifting as well, and it appears the senator and presidential hopeful is having some trouble finding firm footing.
    As we get ever closer to the Iowa caucuses and first primaries, and his poll numbers continue to dip, Rubio is trying to find a stronger stance. The problem is, will it find favor with conservatives?
    You tell me.
    As Politico reports, Sen. Marco Rubio says people who immigrated to the U.S. illegally but haven't committed any major crimes could be allowed to stay.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Your Voice, Your Vote
    This week begins my 24th year working 24/7 for the rule of law and against illegal immigration. For nearly a quarter of a century I have watched as the power-elite have shoved illegal immigration down our throats as they overturned every attempt by the people to have their voices heard. Proposition 187 is a perfect example.
    From the outset I heard the cry --- Su Voto es su Voz (Your vote is your voice) from those who fought for the rights of illegal aliens.
    Recently, ABC News adopted “Your Voice, Your Vote” as its motto for its 2016 election coverage.
    This not-to-subtle message is very clear: The power-elite who run ABC News want Mexicans and their Latino allies to vote to beat the Republicans - especially Donald Trump - and give amnesty to all.
    Well, this may well be the year that the voice of the people is finally heard. Their vote will be their voice as they act to save America.