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January 19, 2016

The morning after
Is this how Merkel got impregnated with Muslims?
London Guardian -- January 18, 2016 
Germany must soon close borders to refugees, transport minister tells Merkel
    Chancellor Angela Merkel's transport minister has urged her to prepare to close Germany's borders to keep out refugees, arguing that Berlin must act alone if it cannot reach a Europe-wide deal.
    Alexander Dobrindt said Germany could no longer show the world a “friendly face” – a phrase used by Merkel as refugees began arriving in Germany six months ago – and that if the number of new arrivals did not drop soon, Germany should act alone.
    “I urgently advise: we must prepare ourselves for not being able to avoid border closures,” Dobrindt, a member of the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), told the Muenchner Merkur newspaper.

Wall Street Journal
Angela Merkel Is Losing Her Refugee Bet
    David Folkerts-Landau, Deutsche Bank 's chief economist, last month described the arrival of more than a million refugees from the Middle East in 2015 as “the best thing that could happen to Germany.” He said the event would allow the country to remain forward-looking.
    That remark belongs to a German world that is no more. [...]
    German officials told me in Berlin that two-thirds of 2015's newcomers were single men. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, a rare politician to express earlier concern, had spoken of a gradual “avalanche.” Now, Stefan Aust, editor of Welt am Sonntag, has concluded discomfortingly that the young-single-and-unskilled contingent is “about the size of the men under arms in the West and East German armies at the height of the Cold War.”