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January 24, 2016

German Youth Volunteer
for Culture War
Breitbart -- January 23, 2016 
The Future Of Europe --- Hipster Right Wingers Slam Merkel's Migration Catastrophe
    “Future of Europe” is the title of a powerful new video created by the German branch of the Identitarian, anti-mass migration youth movement.
    “You do politics that sacrifices our values and traditions for a multicultural utopia,” the video begins and leads into a series of short soundbytes by young men and women.
    The youth in the video don't have the typical “right wing” look often seen in the media. The young men and women look like average 20 somethings, no bald heads or combat boots, but plenty of hipster beards and fashionable haircuts.
    The video is addressed to not only leading politicians like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but to the entire generation known in Europe as the '68ers, or as we know them “baby-boomers,” whose name is derived from the May 1968 protests in France.
    The video talks about the migrant crisis as a colossal cultural and political event. Speaking directly to European leaders they say, “you impose tolerance and diversity but you mean self-hatred, self-denial, and self-abolishment. You love and support the foreign and hate and fight what is our own. You want to talk us into believing that we have no identity, that we are too homogeneous. We shall be repressed and replaced. You preach of the diversity of cultures yet you destroy them.”

Hard times for Merkel: Pressure builds over refugees
    In the past six months, "We can do it" has been Angela Merkel's mantra on the refugee crisis. She will not budge from that standpoint, no matter how much pressure is mounting on her.