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January 26, 2016

Merkel's Migrant Madness Metastasizes
Greek Border Wars Next?
London Telegraph -- January 25, 2016 
Greece faces being sealed off from Europe to stop migrant flow in move that creates 'cemetery of souls'
    Plan emerges to seal Greek border with Macedonia as EU leaders meet in Amsterdam for crisis talks to 'save' Schengen area
    Greece will have its borders effectively sealed off from the rest of the continent under plans to tackle the migrant crisis, European leaders proposed on Monday night.
    The European Commission will consider plans that would see the frontier of the Schengen zone --- the area which allows passport-free travel within Europe --- moved north to exclude Greece.
    The proposal came at a meeting of European leaders on Monday which also agreed to draw up plans to allow internal border checks in Europe for up to two years, effectively suspending the Schengen zone.
    There were calls for Greece to set up vast holding camps for 300,000 refugees in an attempt to stem the flow of unchecked migrants from Syria and other nations outside Europe entering the continent. [...]
    Nikos Toskas, Athens' public order minister, said criticisms of Greece were unfair. “It is very difficult to stop small boats coming … except sinking or shooting them, which is against our European values and Greek values and we will not do that,” he said.

'Exile to Chile': MEP says Merkel should flee Germany over refugee policy