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February 14, 2016

Border Security System Goes Mobile
SEIDARM can now be installed overnight

At left: Mobile Internet Satellite for SEIDARM (MISS). See larger photo.
American Border Patrol -- February 14, 2016 
Invisible Drug Interdiction
   A drug mule carrying one million dollars worth of heroin heads across the border. He feels safe because scouts on a nearby mountain told him the US Border Patrol is nowhere to be seen --- and he will take a route along a deep wash where camera towers can't see him. Ten minutes later he is surrounded by US Border Patrol agents. What happened? SIEDARM happened.
    SEIDARM stands for Seismic Detection and Ranging system. It uses oil exploration technology to provide a sort of sonic barrier along the border. A single person is detected 450 feet before he crosses the border and CBP is alerted and begins to position its people to intercept. SEIDARM tells them when the border is crossed and soon thereafter the drug mule is apprehended.
    SEIDARM has been under development for more than five years and it is ready for deployment. (The Obama administration hasn't expressed an interest in it - so far.)
    Now, Border Technology has developed a mobile, portable version of SEIDARM that can be deployed to interdict drug mules on smuggling corridors - and this can be done overnight.
    Everything for protecting up to two miles of border is packed on a trailer, including an ATV. Once SEIDARM has been laid out and buried, the trailer is moved up to twelve miles away where its satellite system sends SEIDARM alarms over the Internet.
    Unlike conventional ground sensors that have a false alarm rate of more than 90%, SEIDARM knows the difference between people and cows. It is seamless - there are no gaps for drug mules to sneak through. Unlike radar-directed cameras, it does not need line-of-sight - and, it is invisible.
    Before now, one had to travel to BTI's very remote border test range to see SEIDARM. Now, SEIDARM can go to the people.
    SEIDARM will be featured at the upcoming Border Security Expo --- April 13 and 14 --- in San Antonio. Plan to attend.
    For more information, call (520) 366-9900.