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February 17, 2016

Breitbart -- February 16, 2016 
Southern Poverty Law Center --- Manufacturing Hate for Fun and Profit
    The Southern Poverty Law Center, always seeming to hover in the shadows whenever honest citizens and organizations try to stand up for this country, is at it again. In addition to the usual suspects --- which includes pretty much anyone who disagrees with the American radical Left --- SPLC has been increasingly attacking people and groups who express concern about Islamic terrorism --- adding them to SPLC's infamous “Hate Watch” list.
    This now includes the Washington, DC think tank, Center for Security Policy. Widely respected in defense circles, the Center has been warning us for years about the subversive tactics being employed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its proxies to destroy our nation from within. Its veteran analysts from the defense and intelligence community seek to warn the country of the existential threat we now face from Muslim terrorists. [...]
    The only true haters are the Islamists and SPLC. Americans do not need to justify their concerns over Islamic terror and its political corollary, the body of Islamic law known as shariah. Indeed, shariah is anathema to every freedom we hold dear and threatens to rob us of it before our very eyes.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
The SPLC and American Border Patrol
    American Border Patrol has been the target of the Southern Poverty Law Center for more than ten years.
    Here is just a sample of what we have faced.

2002 -- Dees Joins Forces with Reconquistas
2003 -- Morris Dees exposed as open borders advocate
    Appearing opposite Pat Buchanan on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, Southern Poverty Law Center's Morris Dees (shown at left), purveyor of lies about defenders of America, was exposed as an advocate for open U.S. borders. Under a withering examination by Matthews, Dees admitted that he was opposed to immigration law enforcement and for a totally relaxed immigration policy.
2006: -- L.A. Daily News
     In story that ran today in the Daily Bulletin, Rachel Uranga writes, "The American Border Patrol, another civilian groups that turns immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border over to authorities and is a considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, says donations are up 25 percent.”

2007 -- USA Today
    Tension over illegal immigration is contributing to a rise in hate groups and hate crimes across the nation, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. It says that racist groups are using the immigration debate as a rallying cry.
    One of those groups is American Border Patrol. Its efforts have included rounding up illegal immigrants and turning them over to law enforcement. The Southern Poverty Law Center has accused ABP of abusing and illegally detaining immigrants, and the center lists ABP as a hate group.
-- Border watch group founder to speak at Arizona Senate committee
2011 -- American Border Patrol Silenced
2012 -- SPLC vs. Border Solutions