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February 21, 2016

Trump vs. Hillary
Americans will be allowed to decide their future -- finally

Fox News -- September 20, 2015   
America, we could be looking at a Trump, Clinton contest
    For the first time in months, it wasn't just a big night for political outsiders. After a virtual tie in Iowa and a blowout in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton needed to show that she could turn out voters, that her message was resonating and that there... [...]
    Saturday night also brought the news that Jeb Bush, once the frontrunner, has dropped out of the race. The question now is if the establishment will finally accept that Trump is on the path to become the Republican nominee. The rest of the primary states are much more favorable to Trump than New Hampshire and South Carolina, where he won handily.
    We could very well be seeing a Trump/Clinton general election match-up.
    Now won't that be fun?

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
A Clear Choice for America
For decades the Washington establishment has fought to keep the issue of illegal immigration away from a vote of the people.
    Al Gore tried to stop California Proposition 187, but, despite his opposition, the people voted and approved it overwhelmingly --- only to have it killed illegally.
    Karl Rove threatened to cut funding for Republicans who even talked about illegal immigration.
    Things are now stacking up for a head-to-head confrontation over illegal immigration --- Trump vs. Hillary.
    Hillary has promised to expand Obama's amnesty program for illegal aliens --- and Trump has promised to deport them.
     What could be more clear?
    Finally, Americans will be given a clear choice --- the rule of law --- or more chaos.