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February 24, 2016

Does Border Security Matter?
Naw -- only 62 percent said Trump's wall was important

NBC News -- February 24, 2016  
Nevada Entrance Poll Results: How Trump Won
    Donald Trump's win in the Nevada GOP caucus Tuesday can only be described as sweeping, according to the results of the NBC News Entrance Poll.
    As in the past three contests, the billionaire real estate mogul performed best among Republican voters who were looking for a candidate who "tells it like it is," receiving 86 percent of their support.
    He also did extremely well among those who want the next president to come from outside the political establishment, getting 70 percent of this group's vote.
    The number of Nevada voters who want an outsider as the next president is significantly higher than it was in Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina.
    While just one in five Silver State Republicans said the most important issue facing the country is immigration, a solid majority of this group (62 percent) backed the man who promised to build an enormous wall across the Mexican border. Trump took 59 percent of the vote among caucus-goers who wanted a candidate who could bring about change.