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February 25, 2016

The Return of Europe's Borders

London Express -- February 23, 2016  
Belgium re-establishes border controls amid fears evicted Calais migrants could move in
    Belgium has re-established border controls amid fears migrants evicted from the Calais jungle could head to the Belgian coast to sneak into the UK in another blow for the Schengen zone.
    Belgian interior minister Jan Jambon announced the government had informed the European Commission the country had "temporarily pulled out of Schengen" after increasing concerns migrants evicted from the notorious Calais 'jungle' would head for Belgium.
    The Belgian government has beefed up security at its border with northern France as authorities push ahead with the demolition of the notorious Calais jungle.
    Between 250 and 290 police officers will be permanently deployed at the Franco-Belgian border.
    The move comes after revealed increasing numbers of migrants were heading to the Belgian port of Zeebrugge to make their bids for Britain.
    Carl Decaluwé, governor of West Flanders, said the Belgian government feared the eviction of migrants from Calais could spark a movement of refugees towards the port town, which runs a P&O ferry route to Hull.

Europe's Open Borders Are Crumbling
    As the EU struggles to handle its refugee crisis, passport-free travel across the region is under threat.
    To say that the European Union's open border policies are embattled is an understatement. Increasingly, it looks like they could be on the way out for good.
    On Monday, Belgium announced that it had reintroduced border controls on its frontier with France. Over in Denmark, the government agreed on Tuesday to extend its policy of passport checks on the German border for the third time, while Sweden has kept similar checks for travelers arriving from Denmark. Austria has already built a wall at its busiest frontier crossing with Slovenia, and last Friday it introduced a cap of 80 asylum applications per day, after which its border would be closed to further applicants.