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March 3, 2016

Romney and Ryan Threw the Election
Open Borders Twins About to be Exposed --
that's why they are so shrill

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- March 3, 2016  
Romney/Ryan Sold us Down the River
    Nine months before the 2012 election, we said that if Republicans didn't take advantage of the naming of Antonio Villaraigosa as Chairman of the Democrat National Convention, they were cowards
    Mitt Romney had a chance to put the election away, but passed on it --- and Obama was re elected.
    This is not surprising in terms of Ryan's position on amnesty.
    As a congressman, he voted for a 2002 legalization bill, praised the 2006 Senate immigration bill backed by Mr. Bush and co-sponsored a 2009 Democratic bill that would have legalized immigrant farmworkers. Each time, he was in a minority of Republicans.
    Ryan voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, but as ABP has shown --- it was a sham all along.
    Romney and Ryan threw the election in favor of open borders and amnesty.
    They were cowards and they sold us down the river.