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March 7, 2016

National Geographic Propaganda - in Full Color
At it Again

Top: Is the fence really that tall? Clever use of shading and PhotoShop (you could barely see those numbers without it) makes NatGeo fence look twice as tall as it really is (ten feet at most). // Bottom: From Operation BEEF -- (See larger photo)
James Whitlow Delano -- National Geographic -- March 4, 2016  
This Is What the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Actually Looks Like
    The candidates for president of the United States, particularly on the Republican side, have hotly debated how to handle the roughly 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) border between the United States and Mexico.
    Donald Trump has famously and repeatedly promised to seal the border with a wall if he's elected. He and others have promised to send people who illegally crossed the border --- a number that appears to have leveled off --- back to Mexico. For these people, the border wall isn't an abstraction. Many parts of the border are already covered in fences. In other spots, the wall is not made of bricks, but out of scanners, drones, and guards.
    Photographer James Whitlow Delano has visited the border several times in the past decades as these walls have gone up. These are his photos and stories....

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
National GeoPolitical
    Five years ago National Geographic did a TV series called “Border Wars”. We called it “Border Fraud”.
    Now this political arm of the left tries to show us what the border wall actually looks like. It tries to tell the story with a few photographs --- most misleading.
    Why didn't they just refer their readers to American Border Patrol's Operation BEEF?
    The NatGeo story is replete with this sort of thing: "A parked U.S. Border Patrol vehicle looks out across the border wall at Tecate, Mexico, a city famous for Tecate and Carta Blanca beers. As is typical along the border, the city on the Mexico side pushes all the way to the wall, while the U.S. side is largely open country.“
    Wall? This is what the “wall” at Tecate actually looks like. A kid could climb over it.
    And they say it is typical for the US side to be open country. Didn't they visit Nogales?
    Once again the mainstream media are going out of their way to misinform the American People about the border.