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March 13, 2016

New Border Technology Works
Drug smugglers caught in the act

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 13, 2016  
SEIDARM -- A Success Story
   Last summer the Sierra Vista Herald reported on new border technology:
    "Sensor tech would improve border security, creators say"
Last month the Herald ran another story about this technology:
    "Company tests mobile version of border monitoring system"
    Today, the Herald's Facebook page features a video made possible by the technology, called SEIDARM --- Seismic Detection and Ranging Mechanism. The video shows two people carrying what appears to be bundles of drugs - probably marijuana. It was taken by Border Technology, Inc., as part of a test of SEIDARM.
    According to Michael King, Border Technology Vice President, one mile of SEIDARM was installed in a known drug smuggling route just north of the Mexican border in Cochise County, Arizona. According to King, SEIDARM sounded an alarm when it detected people walking north from the border. "The alarm was used to aim a camera at the exact point of detection, and that's when the video was made possible," King said. "We have other video of suspected drug smugglers taken as part of this test," he added.
    King said that half the battle is knowing when and where to look for border intruders. "By giving exact the exact location of an intrusion in real time, SEIDARM makes all other technology work better --- including border camera towers," he commented.
    American Border Patrol has been testing SEIDARM technology under the name "Sonic Barrier". It has been shown to be capable of knowing the difference between people, aircraft and vehicles, with a low false alarm rate.
    An early version of the basic technology used in SEIDARM was shown to Arizona state legislators in 2010.
UPDATE! Border Technology has sent us a photo of two other suspected smugglers taken with the aid of SEIDARM. BTI says the video on SVH's Facebook is not a “one off”. View image