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March 18, 2016

The only honest newspaper in Arizona?
Sierra Vista Herald stands alone

Local Arizona newspaper tells the truth -- 14,000 people saw it.
The mainstream media did not mention this important border story.
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 18, 2016  
Other Arizona newspapers should be ashamed
    The Sierra Vista Herald is the largest newspaper in Cochise County, Arizona, which sits right on the border with Mexico. Last week the Herald posted a video on its Facebook page that caught the attention of more than 14,000 viewers. The video, made by Border Technology, shows suspected drug smugglers walking in the desert which, according to BTI, was literally in the backyard of local residents.
    The video was made possible with the help of new technology called SEIDARM --- Seismic Detection and Ranging Mechanism.
    In the past year the Herald ran two stories about SEIDARM, including a demonstration of system held last August --- "Sensor tech would improve border security, creators say
    In late February the Herald ran a story about the deployment of SEIDARM in the desert: "Company tests mobile version of border monitoring system".
    When Border Technology provided the video, the Herald knew exactly how it was done and where it was taken. They had confidence that it was real --- otherwise they wouldn't have run it. They are professionals.
    They also knew that the suspected smugglers were spotted in broad daylight --- right under the noses of the U.S. Border Patrol.
    Border security is the issue in the Republican presidential primary race, but this story that addresses the issue head-on was not picked up outside this border town.
    The Sierra Vista Herald has been covering the story of the work of Border Technology for years, including this 2012 story about how the technology used in SEIDARM can detect ultralight aircraft.
    Six years ago the Herald told the story of Operation BEEF run by American Border Patrol.
    No other newspaper told the story about how ABP mapped the border fence.
    Over the past thirteen years the Herald has run numerous stories about the work of American Border Patrol and Border Technology. It is the only newspaper in America to do so.
    The Sierra Vista Herald is run by professional journalists and is known throughout the state.
    These are stories that should interest most Americans, but only the Herald ran them.
    Other Arizona newspapers should be ashamed.