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March 19, 2016

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- March 19, 2016  
Will Americans Leave Donald Trump?
    Twenty years ago I organized a rally to oppose illegal immigration. It was held on the lawn of the federal building in Westwood.
    We had a permit to hold the rally, but that didn't stop the anti-American protestors --- they attacked us --- injuring many in my group.
    The L.A. Times wrongly reported (but what's new?) that only one was injured.
    When we returned that August we had taken additional steps to defend ourselves. "Activists throw insults at site of July 4 riot” --- Daily Bruin.
    Four years later we returned to Westwood with an Arizona border rancher --- only to be attacked again.
    In December of 2001, I organized a rally in Anaheim to protest legalizing illegal aliens, and I was attacked again. "After knocking the attacker over a wall, I picked up my camera and recorded an older gentleman mopping blood from his face. I interviewed him on camera. He is a Korean War Navy vet. He said he never thought he would be fighting for his country in Anaheim."
    From 1992 to 2002, I ran one of the few California groups that openly opposed illegal immigration, and I was repeatedly attacked --- verbally and physically.
    Leftists such as the Los Angeles Times, and cowards such as those who led the Republican Party, have allowed this situation to grow much worse.
    Donald Trump is fighting to stop illegal immigration --- and he is facing violence. This time, with many millions more of illegal aliens in our midst, the violence is going to be much, much worse. I could have told him: “You will not know you are being invaded until you try to stop it.
    In 2002, it became clear to me that the fight to save California was lost --- so I left to take the fight to save America to the border in Arizona --- only to run up against the same forces that killed California.
    As the violence against him grows, I don't think Donald Trump will leave America --- but will Americans leave Donald Trump?