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March 21, 2016

Seven League Boots?
Dallas News gets border report wrong (so what's new?)

DMN: "Cruz outed the cameramen who hopped over to Agua Prieta, Mexico..."
ABP: The cameraman would have needed Seven League Boots capable
of stepping more than 20 miles.
Dallas Morning News -- March 18, 2016  
On border tour, Cruz blasts media for crossing into Mexico for a better shot
    Sen. Ted Cruz blasted the media traveling with him to the border for crossing into Mexico to get a better camera shot of the presidential hopeful.
    “The border today --- it was striking just how unsecure the border is,” Cruz said. “Where we toured the border, the fencing was minimal. Indeed, as we stopped and stood at the border, several of the folks here in the media taking pictures decided they'd get a better picture from the other side of the fence. They promptly climbed the fence and crossed illegally into the nation of Mexico.”
    “It took all of 10 seconds to climb the fence and get a better shot from another nation,” Cruz added. “I'm not sure if the Mexican authorities will be arresting any of our members of the media.”
    Cruz outed the cameramen who hopped over to Agua Prieta, Mexico, after telling the story of Grant Ronnebeck, a 19-year-old who was shot and killed by a man in the country illegally. Ronnebeck's father is featured in Cruz's latest campaign ad airing in Arizona.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
    If you can use Google Earth, go to lat 31.329927” and lon -109.312500 and click on the photo. This is what you will see.
    That is just about where the Dallas Morning News photo shows the Cruz group to be. That point is 13 miles east of Agua Prieta, Mexico.
    The cameraman would have had to had “Seven League Boots” to step into Agua Prieta.
    This mistake is typical of the type of border reporting that comes out of the liberal media.