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March 24, 2016

What are they afraid of?
Loss of power --- or legacy?

Rush Limbaugh -- March 23, 2016  
It's Personal for the Establishment
RUSH LIMBAUGH: Establishment opposition to Trump is personal. The people I'm talking about, imagine they're Superman, and this is all kryptonite to them. Their power, their prestige, their positions, their futures, their present --- their reputations as opinion makers, their reputations as relevant people who matter in terms of Washington and policy -- all of that is threatened. Those people's positions exist because there is a Republican Party that is controlled and run by people like them --- and them.
Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Fear that Trump will be proven right
    Establishment opposition to Trump is based on fear --- not of loss of power or immediate reputation --- but of loss of a legacy of brilliance.
    For decades the establishment has been sacrificing Americans on the alter of globalism --- hoping it would all work out --- "raising all boats". Trade deals sacrificed the American worker, but they got cheaper goods --- and lower wages --- that got stuck. Borders were left open and Americans got cheap help --- and lower wages --- and higher taxes to pay for the illegals --- and bad schools --- and crowded hospitals --- and a growing foreign-based political opposition. Drugs were killing their kids.
    All of this was done from a global viewpoint --- not from an American viewpoint. They hoped it would work for all --- even though they knew Americans paid the most.
    The establishment now fears that their globalist dreams will be exposed as a ill-conceived. If Trump demands fair trade --- those accustomed to taking American jobs might fight back with a trade war - that Trump would win. They fear that if the Mexican demographic war --- and flow of drugs --- is halted, there might be immediate widespread violence --- but an eventual reduction in crime and stress in our cities --- and drug addiction.
    The establishment already have plenty of money. They now work first-and-foremost to achieve a lasting legacy of success --- how history will remember them. They fear most a lasting legacy of errors in judgment.
    They must stop Trump --- not to save their jobs --- but their legacy.
    They are desperate.
    They fear most that Trump will be proven right --- and them wrong.