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March 26, 2016

Smart border security a step closer?
New drone can fly for two hours

American Border Patrol -- March 26, 2016  
A SEIDARM sidekick?
    American Border Patrol has been experimenting with the use of drones for border security for more than twelve years.
    More recently, ABP has been using the latest in lithium-powered drones in conjunction with SEIDARM --- the latest in ground sensors.
    American Border Patrol has now conceived of a border security system where a SEIDARM system is installed along the entire border with ‘IDENTICOPTER” --- drones that automatically launch and identify border intruders --- as they cross the border --- or even before.
    Now a British company is close to marketing a fuel-cell-powered drone with an endurance of up to two hours.
    “We believe that recent developments in drone technology make feasible the idea of an automated border security system,” said Glenn Spencer, president of ABP.
    Spencer said that such an automated system would not replace a border fence, but show where one is needed --- and how well physical infrastructure works.
    Spencer has been critical of DHS/CBP camera towers installed at the cost of more than a billion dollars.
    "We see a system that establishes the true level of operational control of the border, and doing so at a small fraction of the cost of camera towers --- that fail to do the job at all, “ Spencer added.