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March 29, 2016

Hitler's Posthumous Revenge?

March 29, 2016  
Germany plans new law to require migrants to integrate and learn language -- or be deported
Migrants in Germany will be required by LAW to integrate and learn the country's mother tongue or face getting deported, according to planned legislation.
    German Interior Minister Thomas de Maziere said he is intending to implement a new law that will require migrants to learn German and be part of society --- or lose their permanent right of residency.
    Many people in Germany have turned their backs to Chancellor Angela Merkel following her open-door refugee policy and turned towards the anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany.
    The Alternative for Germany party (AFD) has developed an anti immigration stance over the past year, the party has made huge gains in popularity since the refugee crisis hit the EU and the group powered into three state legislatures.

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