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April 1, 2016

Another phony fence story
British TV does it again

Sky News UK -- April 1, 2016  
Video Of Drug Suspects Scaling Mexico Fence
    Young men with backpacks take seconds to clamber over the 20ft metal fence -- and their few minutes in the US is caught on camera.
    Two suspected drug smugglers have been caught climbing the border fence from Mexico into the US --- before promptly climbing back over when they realised they were being filmed.
    Footage showed the pair carrying large backpacks suspected to contain drugs, walking hunched over, hiding behind bushes and talking on a phone before they realised they were on camera.
    Journalist Carolina Rocha, of Azteca Noticias in Mexico City, was in Nogales, Arizona, reporting on use of force by the US Border Patrol when she spotted the two young men climbing the fence.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
What's wrong with this picture?
    The DHS/CBP has spent billions of dollars on border technology - and yet a British TV crew supposedly caught smugglers crawling over a fence in broad daylight without being seen.
    There are a number of thing wrong with this story. First, I suspect that this entire thing was staged for the camera. Second, based on items seen in a photo, the smugglers probably climbed over the fence very near a U.S .camera tower and it is likely that the entire process was observed in real-time by the US Border Patrol --- especially because of the presence of a TV crew. I live on the border, and CBP watches this type of media activity like a hawk.
    It is quite possible for smugglers to climb over fences without being seen, however. How? Well, the cameras just have to be pointing at the spot where they climb, and that is based on pure luck.
    There are technical solutions to this problem, but DHS/CBP has expressed no interest in them. Moreover, as we have pointed out before, the problem in Nogales is lack of a clear area near the border.
UPDATE: Fox News is playing this phony story up big --- no doubt to cast doubt on Trump's idea for a border wall.