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April 6, 2016

Cruz Wins Wisconsin
Picks up 33 delegates

Breitbart -- April 5, 2016  
Shock: Ted Cruz Takes Lead in Reuters Poll Over Donald Trump for First Time
    For the first time in the Republican primary, Reuters' tracking poll shows Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) leading Donald Trump among likely voters in the Republican primaries.
    This is also the first time Donald Trump hasn't led the tracking poll in 2016.
    Cruz has the support of 39 percent of likely Republican voters nationwide, just ahead of Donald Trump, who has 37 percent support. Ohio Governor John Kasich is a distant third, with 23 percent support.
    In the broader survey of all Republicans, rather than likely voters, Trump still has a four-point lead. This, however, is sharply down from the 28-point lead he enjoyed in the middle of March.