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April 7, 2016

FOX News Lies About The Border
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Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- April 7, 2016  
Republicans Stopped the Fence - Not the budget
     I just watched a segment on Fox News reported by William La Jeunesse. He talked about Trump's plan for a border wall.
    He featured people who were mostly mouth pieces for the Obama Administration. I will report in more detail later when I have the transcript, but I can say one thing for sure - La Jeunesse lied when he said that the 700-mile border fence was limited to 32 miles because of budget constraints. That fence was stopped by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and the Republican Party.
    They never intended to build it.
    Remember when La Juinesse falsely claimed that radar had stopped the flood of drugs across the Goldwater bombing range?
    It was because Fox News hates border fences.
    Fox News continues its tradition of lying about the border.