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April 8, 2016

After three misses -- a hit?

Obama, Bush and Clinton --- Who is Doris Meissner?

Breitbart -- April 7, 2016  
Donald Trump Spokesman: Mexico Will 'Stay Poor Forever' Without U.S-Mexico Border Wall
    A spokesman for Donald Trump told CNN's The Situation Room host, Wolf Blitzer, that the planned border wall will help Mexicans deal with their own political problems, instead of exporting them to the United States.
    “The only path to prosperity for Mexico is to create the conditions where the Mexican government has to produce stable conditions for their own people, not to rely on taking jobs and wages from Americans and shipping them back home,” Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller told Blitzer.
    Blitzer cited President Obama's complaint that putting a halt to such cross-border transfers of people and money would hurt “families,” presumably Mexican families.
    “Well, I don't want to be impolitic,” Miller responded, “but I will say it strikes me as one of the most ignorant things the President has ever said”:
    Let's be very clear on this point. Several decades of open-borders policies with Mexico have primarily helped two groups in Mexico: drug cartels that are terrorizing the country and corrupt politicians that have refused to implement social reforms, political reforms, economic reforms. If we continue the same policy of illegal immigration, Mexico is going to stay poor forever.