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May 5, 2016

Brazen Mexican Cartels
Smugglers caught on ABP Ranch -- in broad daylight

Two of four drug smugglers caught on ABP's ranch. (Photos by Glenn Spencer)
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- May 5, 2016  
It doesn't look good
    Yesterday afternoon I was working at my computer when I got a text from an ABP employee at the other end of the ranch right at the border: “They have something going on down here with border patrol”. I grabbed my video camera, jumped on my ATV and headed in that direction. Soon I could see US Border Patrol vehicle everywhere.
    I left my camera running as drove past the action. I saw one suspect being placed in a US Border Patrol vehicle -- and another being led out of the backyard of our guest house (it was occupied). The agent said there were four suspects, and one still at large.
    Almost at the same time I heard someone yell -- “Get down you son-of-a-bitch”. I turned my quad around in time to tape an agent leading a suspect toward out of an area near the guest house (still on our property). As I followed the pair, the suspect moved his cuffed hands high enough to raise one of his middle fingers.
    Apparently each suspect was carrying a load of marijuana -- all of which was recovered.
    I have lived right on the border for eleven years and this is the first time I have witnessed this type of blatant behavior on the part of the cartels. Could it be that they are trying to get in under the wire before Donald Trump takes over?
    There is more to this story that I will go into later, but suffice it to say -- It doesn't look good.