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May 11, 2016

Smugglers Caught on Spencer's property
A growing threat to all Americans

Two of four drug smugglers captured on property of Glenn Spencer, head of American Border Patrol. -- See video
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- May 11, 2016  
I take this personally
    For most Americans the problem of illegal immigration and drug smuggling is serious, but not a direct, personal threat. I am not most Americans --- I live right on the border and I am working to secure it.
    Last week four drug smugglers were apprehended on my property --- and I was right in the middle of the action. Seeing me, one of the smugglers raised a middle finger for my benefit.
    I can't explain why, but I know why they were on my property --- and not on another more favorable nearby route. And I can't prove this, but also I believe they knew who I was and what I do.
    Since it is most likely that Obama's CBP will let these smugglers go, they may have been testing my defenses.
    In light of this threat, ABP has taken additional steps to increase our security. I won't say all we have done, but we did move one of our powerful cameras from a remote location miles away back to my ranch - and right on the border. See photo
    We can't stop an armed attack --- the cartels could kill me and be back safely in Mexico in minutes. However, we are doing our best to document what is going on at the border. The mainstream media is not.
    I have seen, first-hand, how a negligent government looks the other way while smugglers bring their poison across the border.
    I have also seen, first-hand, the effects that these drugs are having on Americans. Here in Cochise County I know of many people whose lives have been destroyed by Mexican drugs. More recently this cancer has affected someone very close to me and American Border Patrol.
    The Mexican cartels represent a threat to me, my friends --- and America.
    I take this personally.