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May 13, 2016

Frustrated Americans
Trying to to the job our government won't do

WKRN-TV -- Nashville -- May 12, 2016  
Border Keepers: US citizens stand watch to slow Mexican drug trade
 Illegal immigration has been a major debate during this presidential election cycle. Certainly you've heard presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump talk about his plans to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.
    It's a message that especially resonates with a group of volunteers from all over the country. They call themselves Border Keepers.
    Among them are a couple of Tennesseans who packed their bags and left for a remote part of Arizona to keep watch and report back.
    Our sister station in Alabama, WAIT, shared with us what they found.
    The Border Keepers are in Nogales, Arizona, about an hour south of Tucson, just two miles from the border with Mexico.
    They are in uniform. They are armed. But they are not with the federal government.
    They come from all over the United States to camp in the remote and desolate location to watch and report what they see.
    Among this group, there are two men from our neck of the woods. They go by “Nash” and “Tennessee” because they don't want to be identified due to the drug trafficking they witness and try to stop.
    “The heroin smuggling, the drug smuggling, it's got to be stopped, and the federal government either doesn't want to or has been very ineffective in doing it.”
    If they spot suspicious activity, they alert border patrol.