Past Features

May 16, 2016

WLBZ-TV -- Bangor-- May 15, 2016  
    Based on everything we know about them, it's hard to imagine Paul Ryan endorsing Donald Trump.
    But it's even harder to imagine him not doing it.
    “It's hard to preside over the convention of your nominee and not support him,” says Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole, a friend and House colleague of Ryan's, who like many in the party expects an endorsement to come.
    “The speaker's number one job is to help maintain the (GOP) majority, and a rift between the nominee and the speaker is not going to be helpful in the fall campaign,” says Cole. [...]
    Ryan is conservative in ideology and moderate in tone. Trump is immoderate in tone and populist, nationalist and changeable in ideology.
    Ryan supports expanded trade, a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants and cutting entitlement spending. Trump is running against trade deals, wants to deport illegal immigrants and says Ryan's entitlement cuts are political suicide.