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May 19, 2016

Sanders decries poverty -- calls for a revolution
There may be a revolution -- but not the one he has in mind

Bernie Sanders at Vallejo rally.
NBC Bay Area  
'I Am Sick and Tired of Seeing Poverty': Bernie Sanders Holds First Major Bay Area Rallies
    Bernie Sanders supporters converged on two Bay Area locations Wednesday to listen to the progressive presidential candidate speak about social and environmental justice at "A Future to Believe In" rallies.
    The first rally took place in San Jose, and after Sanders made a brief stop in San Francisco, he headed to the North Bay city of Vallejo.
    As the sun went down at Vallejo Waterfront Park, Sanders addressed a raucous crowd numbering in the thousands, some of whom waited seven hours to see the Vermont senator. He talked for about an hour about immigration, jobs, education and legalizing marijuana in California. [...]
    "I am sick and tired of seeing poverty all over this country, wherever I go," Sanders said to whoops and cheers from the crowd, many of whom described themselves as blue collar workers living in the shadow of Silicon Valley's wealth.
    Sanders voiced his support for comprehensive immigration reform --- something for which he is prepared to use to the "executive powers of the presidency," paid family leave, legalizing marijuana, and healthcare for all citizens.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
California Political Revolution - June 7
    Bernie Sanders says he is sick and tired of seeing poverty. I felt the same way twenty-four years ago, when I coined the term “Importing Poverty” to describe illegal immigration into California.
    California voters felt the same way when they passed Proposition 187 in 1994, only to have it killed with the help people like Paul Ryan.
    Today California has the highest poverty rate in the nation.
    Had Proposition 187 been allowed to become law, Bernie Sanders wouldn't see poverty everywhere he looked in California.
    The people of California know this, and they will be the ones who launch a real political revolution on June 7.