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May 20, 2016

Breitbart -- May 19, 2016 
    The current chief of the U.S. Border Patrol agency, Ronald Vitiello, agreed on Thursday that barriers and walls on the U.S. border do help stop the surging tide of illegal immigration into the United States.
    “At the border, barriers can be helpful, can they not?” Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions asked Vitiello during a Senate subcommittee hearing Thursday.
     “Barriers, as in physical barriers?” Vitiello asked.
    “Yes, walls,” Sessions replied.
    “They have been. They have been,” Vitiello said.
    “They magnify the ability of a single officer to be able to cover more territory?” Sessions asked.
    “Right, so, all of the things we use on the border, physical barriers, fencing as one, technology is a great benefit to us, plus the agencies still have to have that response as well,” Vitiello said.... More....