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May 24, 2016

Shocking News! Drugs crossing Mexico border!
Someone tell Fox News

KTVB -- May 23, 2016   
The Corridor: Mexican border acts as gateway for Idaho-bound drugs
    Cochise County, Arizona -- It was early July when Fred Davis found the drug smuggler dead on his southern Arizona ranch, situated on about 10,000 acres of border land embattled residents say acts a sieve for narcotics entering the United States.
    The dead man was lying on the ground about a mile from a county road. He was wearing brand-new Nikes, and had been carrying a duffel bag - a sign of someone packing drugs to a drop-off point, or returning to Mexico with cash.
    "He had to have dope in him," Davis said. "The coyotes had nibbled on his hip a little bit and didn't eat him, the birds hadn't pecked his eyes out."
    Finding bodies has become grotesquely common for the men and women who live and ranch on the rural swaths of land along the U.S. - Mexico border. Even more common is smugglers and their truckloads of methamphetamine, heroin, and other drugs slipping through the cracks into the U.S., where the network of highway systems allows them to spread their product to Idaho and across the country.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Fox News is no different  
     I live right on the border in Cochise County, Arizona. My southern neighbor is Mexico.
    For eleven years I have worked to bring the truth about the border to the American people, including Operation BEEF.
    At no time has Fox News raised a finger to investigate my claims --- or verify the results of my fence survey.
    In fact, they go out of there way to avoid telling the truth about the border fence.
    I am surrounded by drug smugglers. I know how they get in.
    For the past six years I have shown how technology can be used to stop the drugs, but Fox News has shown no interest in it.
    When it comes to securing the border, anyone who thinks that Fox News is different from the mainstream media has another thing coming.