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May 25, 2016

Obama's border coup de grâce?
Will Ryan move to impeach? Not on your life.

Two open-borders amigos getting cover. Fall guy in position.
May 25, 2016  
On the Mexico border, a surge of migrants ahead of a possible 'Trump Wall'
   ...The upcoming presidential election marks a fork in the road for U.S. immigration policy: A Democratic victory could lead to more unauthorized immigrants getting permits to work and live in the United States. Trump has vowed to build the giant border wall, deport millions of undocumented immigrants and block remittances. Intense violence and a lack of job opportunities are the driving forces behind the Central American migration, and critics say those problems will continue to push people northward regardless of whether there is a bigger wall. For some of the migrants, sooner seems more appealing than later.
    Trump “says he wants to build a wall. They want to get over before he builds it,” said Mario Saucedo Mendoza, who works at the Senda de Vida migrant shelter in Reynosa, the Mexican city across the border from McAllen. “He's said these things, and people are trying to get in front of him, they are trying to cross now.”

Illegal immigrant border crossings surge to highest level in nearly two years
    The number of illegal immigrants crossing the southwestern border surged in April, reaching the highest point in nearly two years as Central American families and children traveling alone continued to test the Obama administration's border controls.
    More than 38,000 illegal immigrants were caught in April, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in new figures released Monday --- the highest since July 2014, which was near the peak of the last surge that exposed massive holes in border and immigration policy. [...]
    Yuma County, Arizona, Sheriff Leon N. Wilmot said there are both push and pull factors drawing the surge of migrants into western Arizona.
   “They're coming across, they're turning themselves in, and basically a lot of it has to do with the fact they're obtaining the assistance with regards to when they're released,” he said.