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June 1, 2016

Mexico Seeks to Silence Trump
He wants to defend America

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report -- June 1, 2016  
Avoiding The Tough Issues
    On May 19, 1999, Mexican President Zedillo visited Los Angeles. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, I was there to protest.
    This is what the Washington Post said about his visit to Sacramento earlier that day:
"Everyone tried mightily to avoid the tough issues that face California and Mexico, such as drugs, illegal immigration, political corruption, cross-border environmental degradation and the rights of Mexican nationals here to vote in Mexican elections"
    I didn't avoid the tough issues --- I detailed them in this document, which I handed out at my protest of Zedillo's visit.
    Mexico is condemning Donald Trump because he is violating the “gentlemen's agreement” among the power elite in Washington D.C. not to talk about Mexico and illegal immigration.
    Trump is not avoiding the tough issues, and he is driving the power-elite crazy.