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June 4, 2016

Shocking! Mexican Reconquistas don't like Trump!

Breitbart -- June 3, 2016  
Donald Trump: San Jose Supporters Were 'Accosted By A Bunch Of Thugs'
    The protestors who attacked Donald Trump's supporters Thursday afternoon in San Jose were “a bunch of thugs,” Trump said at his Friday rally in Redding, California.
    “Last night in San Jose we had an amazing, packed crowd,” said Trump. “It was a love fest inside, no problems whatsoever.”
    But outside, “they get accosted by a bunch of thugs burning the American flag, burning the American flag. And you know what they are, they're thugs.”
    In response, supporters at the Redding rally began chanting ‘Build the wall.' Trump has pledged to build a wall along the United States' southern border.
    Trump supporters leaving the San Jose rally were confronted by a mob of anti-Trump protesters. Trump supporters were sucker-punched, had eggs thrown on them and were left bleeding and on the ground, according to videos posted online. One Trump supporter was chased and a police officer was assaulted .
    Trump's description of the San Jose rally echoed many other Trump rallies where attendees inside the venue behaved positively. Meanwhile anti-Trump protesters gathered in rallies like those in San Diego, Costa Mesa, Albuquerque devolved into violence and destruction.
    “I'm gonna play heavy in California, right? I think we can win it,” said Trump. “I mean we get crowds like this all over the place.... There's no hangar big enough.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Another reason to fear Trump
    On July 4, 1996, I stood with a group of Americans on Wilshire Blvd. in Westwood and protested illegal immigration. We were attacked, sending some to the hospital.
    Now, twenty years later, thanks to the cowardice of many politicians, California is a Hispanic state.
    I chronicled what happened to California in a series of video documentaries.
    Here is one example --- Courage and Capitulation in California. I stand by every word in these videos.
    Donald Trump is standing up to the wholesale takeover of California by Mexico. “Reconquistas” see this as a threat to the gains they have made to “Make America Mexico Again.”
    I wrote this last February 28.
    "If Donald Trump is elected president and he really tries to secure the border, we will come to the stark realization that we have been invaded.
    There could be a sort of war. If that happens, the responsibility will lie directly at the feet of those who fought against the rule of law --- not Donald Trump.”
    Some are shocked at the violence against Americans in California, but not the media elite. They know what is going on and they fear the worst.
    They know that Donald Trump may fully expose the existential threat to America which they helped create.
    This is why the globalist lying bastards fear him so much.