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June 10, 2016 (Rerun from 1/30/16)

Hispanic Voter Registration Drive:
Will Obama Break the Rules?
You Bet
Washington Examiner -- January 29, 2016 
SEIU, top Dem team up to turn 5 million Latino immigrants into voters
 The Service Employees International Union is teaming up with four Latino advocacy organizations and a key House Democrat to convert as many of the 5 million Latino permanent residents into U.S. citizens and voters as possible before Election Day.
    Leading the charge is Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., who said Thursday that he believes the "stand up to hate" push can get 1 million of those Latinos naturalized by May, which would see them become citizens in time to register for the presidential election.
    The campaign's mantra is "Naturalize. Register. Vote."
    Gutierrez advised Latinos to "get angry" over the anti-immigrant rhetoric emanating from Republican presidential candidates "then naturalize, register and vote."
    "Can you believe calling all Mexicans rapists?" he asked during a conference call announcing the New American Democracy Campaign, referring to controversial comments made by real estate mogul and former reality TV star Donald Trump. "Banning all people of one religion from the United States?"
    There's nothing the groups can do to speed up the naturalization process
*, but the initiative is aimed at making sure the millions of legal permanent residents trade in their green cards for citizenship.
*Nothing the groups can do to speed up the naturalization process?
    The Examiner must be kidding.
Citizenship USA -- The Gore Scheme to naturalize one million aliens
    Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros delivered it personally to President Bill Clinton.
ACORN, Obama and Saul Alinsky
    America Faces a Bleak Future -- And McCain Says Nothing
Los Angeles City Schools Created a Citizenship Factory
    "We would change the political panorama of not only of L.A. but L.A. County and the state. And when we do that, you change the political panorama of the nation. So we did it VERY QUIETLY.... --- Ruben Zacarias, Superintendent of L.A. Schools