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June 12, 2016

Sharia law takes toll
Did Obama piss them off?

Breitbart -- June 12, 2016  
Gaffney: Jihad in Orlando
    At 2 a.m. this morning, a man who law enforcement sources have identified as Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, a U.S. citizen born of Afghan parents, opened fire with an automatic weapon in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Before he was killed by police, he murdered at least 20 individuals and wounded dozens more. The death toll could rise further.
    The FBI reportedly suspects that the shooter may have “leanings towards radical Islamic terrorism.” Some accounts indicate that he was, like so many so-called “lone wolves,” actually a “known wolf” --- a jihadist already identified as a potential threat by authorities, but allowed to continue to operate.

What does the Religion of Peace say about homosexuality?
    ....Sharia teaches that homosexuality is a vile form of fornication, punishable by death.

Florida university professor triggers uproar after citing benefits of Sharia law he himself described as 'barbaric'
   Sharia law in the United States?
    The idea sounds preposterous if not incredible in the country considered as the world's bastion of democracy.
    However, there are indications that not all Americans are against this harsh system of justice practiced in the Islamic world. For instance, a new video was posted on YouTube recently showing a Florida college professor promoting the benefits of Sharia law, according to CBN News.
    The United West, a Sharia watchdog organisation, filmed a panel discussing Islamaphobia in front of an audience at Florida Atlantic University on May 23.
    The video shows Dr. Bassem Al-Halabi, a computer science and engineering professor at the university, describing Sharia law as the best way to stop organised crime. For instance, he claims that cutting off the hands of a thief, one of the punishments sanctioned under Sharia law, is an effective way to stop stealing.