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June 13, 2016

Silliness of US Border Patrol goes unreported

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- June 13, 2016  
Americans Unaware
    The American people know that our government has failed to secure the border, but do they know that the mainstream media refuse to tell them why?
    Let me give you just one example of the silliness of the US Border Patrol.
    I drive along the border near my ranch three time a day. This morning I spotted a US Border Patrol vehicle dragging tires. This was not unusual --- they do it all the time.
    I thought you might like to be told why they do this.
    They drag the tires along the border to make a smooth path that will make it easier for them to spot the footprints of border crossers. It may be many hours before they drive along the path to look for footprints. If they see footprints (which is unlikely since many border crossers wear carpet over their shoes,) they then might decide to try to find the border crossers --- but probably not.
    Six years ago ABP began testing a system that detects border crossers instantly. It has been greatly improved and works every time.
    We can secure the border, but our government and the mainstream media (including Fox News) don't want this done.
    We will continue to be exposed to the type of attack seen in Orlando so long as we are kept unaware of solutions.