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June 19, 2016

Rotten Ryan

Posted June 19, 2016  
Father's Day Message for Paul Ryan: Our Sons Died, Step Aside
  This Father's Day, fathers whose sons were murdered by illegal aliens are calling on House Speaker Paul Ryan to resign --- describing his policies as “treasonous” and taking particular objection to Ryan's recent attempts to undermine Donald Trump's proposals to enforce U.S. immigration law.
    “I would invite Speaker Ryan to forsake spending Father's Day with his kids to come down here to Houston and visit the place I will spend every Father's Day for the rest of my life --- my American son's grave. This way Speaker Ryan can see first hand what pandering to the cheap illegal labor lobby means to Americans who can't afford to put a security fence up around their house,” said Dan Golvach.
    Golvach's 25-year-old son, Spencer, was murdered by an illegal alien. Spencer was shot in the head while stopped at a red light.
    “The best thing Ryan could do to protect his family from what my family is experiencing is resign today!” Golvach added. “His policies are not only treasonous to us, they are also treasonous to any American that ever happens to be sitting at a red light like Spencer was? This wasn't Syria or Iraq. It was the neighborhood I grew up in. Do your kids ever sit at red lights, Mr. Speaker?”