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July 1, 2016

The Killing of California
The book O'Reilly won't write -- but Corsi should

L. A. Times -- April 30, 2016  
Trump's visit shines spotlight on California Republican Party's immigration dilemma
    Donald Trump's emphasis on illegal immigration has propelled his presidential campaign to the threshold of winning the Republican nomination, but it risks huge collateral damage to a California state party that has worked to distance itself from the immigration wars of two decades ago.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Who killed Proposition 187 --- and How?
     Alan C. Nelson, President Reagan's head of Immigration and Naturalization Service, saw the serious error made by the US Supreme Court when it ruled that US Schools had to open their doors to anyone who wanted an education. The ruling was Plyler v Doe, and it started a flood of illegal immigration.
    Nelson wanted the Supreme Court to revisit this mistake, so he helped create Proposition 187.
     Proposition 187 passed overwhelmingly and it was on is way to the Supreme Court, but it was stopped by the very attorney who won the Plyler vs. Doe decision --- Peter Schey.
    But Schey didn't do it all by himself, he had plenty of help from the Republican Establishment.
     The illegal killing of Proposition 187 was an historic betrayal of the American people and the real story needs to be told.
     We need an autopsy to find out what --- and who --- killed it.
    We need the talent of someone like Jerome Corsi to do the job.
NOTE: Had Proposition 187 been enforced, there would be far fewer illegal aliens --- and far more Republicans in California today.