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July 3, 2016

Intimidation on Parade
Mexicans Stop Sanctuary Cities Bill

Thirteen hundred miles from the border, Mexican flags are prominent at rally against sanctuary cities bill. -- Also: Protesters have filled the rotunda, shouting "WI is not Arizona!" They're being kept back from the Assembly chamber. (See Photo)
Fox 6-TV -- September 18, 2015   
"Si se puede!" -- Massive crowd rallies at Capitol in Madison against "anti-immigrant" bills
    Madison, Wis. -- Thousands of Latinos and immigrants from around the state demonstrated outside the Capitol in Madison Thursday, February 18th in an effort to put a stop to legislation they say targets immigrants. The event was called "A Day Without Latinos," and 20,000 people walked off the job and out of class to take part.
    The demonstrators chanted and held signs on the square outside the Capitol Thursday morning, amid temperatures below freezing.

Wisconsin Lawmaker: Sanctuary cities bill not a priority
    A day after thousands gathered in and around the Capitol to protest two bills they called anti-immigrant, the office of Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Friday that one of the bills, which would withhold state funding from so-called sanctuary cities, is not a priority for passage.
    Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Friday that Madison is one of the “sanctuary cities” the measure is meant to restrict, but Madison police call that label inaccurate.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Winning Civil War II
    It all started in Los Angeles with Special Order 40. I fought against Special Order 40 for ten years in California because I knew where it would lead.
    Across the U.S., there are over 300 cities, counties, and states that are considered "sanctuary cities".
    Last October, Obama killed a Senate anti-sanctuary cities bill some say was inspired by Donald Trump.
    Let me make this clear: If under a President Trump, the federal government stepped in and tried to put a halt to sanctuary cities, we would see the second civil war.
    If we elect Hillary we wouldn't have that civil war for at least 4 years. The difference is: Under Trump, we would win Civil War II.
PS: I realize that civil war is "a war between citizens of the same country.” What is happening involves an invading force that is supported by citizens (some made so by amnesty) - and a foreign power - Mexico. We may need a new word for this.