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July 17, 2016

Mexico: Cartel Hell
Why Trump scares the pants off the establishment

Daily Beast -- March 25, 2016  
Fighting Mexico's New Super Cartel
The Jalisco New Generation Cartel is known for its hyper-aggressive, paramilitary tactics --- now it's bringing the terror to America's doorstep.
    Tierra Caliente, Jal., Mex. -- This is what a cartel-besieged town looks like: shuttered storefronts, crumbling buildings, and streets that empty each day at dusk.
    Welcome to Tepalcatepec, where the average local temperature is 95 degrees and the chief local export is crystal meth. According to the regional press, this ramshackle pueblo is the No. 1 drug distribution center for the entire state of Michoacán.
    Like a growing number of other cities and towns across western Mexico, Tepalcatepec is in danger of succumbing to the nation's newest mega-mafia: the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG). [...]
    “We still outnumber them --- for now,” Chief Cisneros says. “But we don't know how much longer we can keep them out.”

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Avoiding a Mexican catastrophe
  Victor Hanson observed in 2014...
Mexico is also heavily invested in the present system of unmonitored immigration that has ensured it billions of dollars annually in remittances. Millions of impoverished Mexican citizens heading northward serve as a safety valve for political disenchantment over Mexico City's reactionary policies.
    An open border also allows drugs to flow north - and billions of dollars to flow south.
    On March 31, 2010, I explained to John McCain that the construction of just part of the border fence set off the Mexican drug war.
    Shortly thereafter, I challenged his claim that “surveillance equipment” stopped the flow of people and equipment across the Goldwater Air Force Range.
    McCain refused to give fencing any credit, because he was afraid the people would demand that we finish the job.
    Recognizing this same problem, the mainstream media refused to report on my findings --- or do their own homework to confirm them.
    Donald Trump scares the pants off the establishment because they are afraid of what might happen if he really shut down the border.
    They are willing to sacrifice American jobs and American lives to avoid a major Mexican catastrophe.