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July 21, 2016

We Ran This One Year Ago!
Showing off SEIDARM
New Border Security System a Hit

Glenn Spencer flies test airplane for demonstration of the SEIDARM border security system. Upon seeing this photo, Trump is reported to have said, “Amazing." -- See larger photo.
Sierra Vista Herald / Review -- August 16, 2015  (Rerun) 
Sensor tech would improve border security, creators say
    Palominas, Arizona --- State elected officials, area residents and others gathered at the international border Saturday were offered a demonstration of a new technology that its creators say has the potential to drastically increase the accuracy and range at which different types of incursions into the country are detected.
    A combination of seismic monitoring, radar and geolocation, the SEIDARM system uses seismic activity to detect, with a high degree of accuracy, human vehicle and aircraft traffic at a range of hundreds of feet, said Mike King, vice president of Border Technologies, which developed the system.
    “The technology is based on oil exploration. It's the same seismographs and the same geophones. We've worked with one of the manufacturers to modify some of the software,” King said.
    While energy companies utilize these ground sensors for only a few seconds at a time in order to locate oil deposits, “Ours are on all the time,” he said. “We're looking for surface waves traveling across the surface.” [...]
    Our system has a remarkable detection range. At 50 feet from the border, we're detecting people 500 feet into Mexico,” providing border security agents the opportunity to respond to a location before someone crosses into the country, he said
    “It changes it from this detect, see and apprehend way they do things, to more of a deterrent,” he said.
    This system can be deployed for hundreds or even thousands of miles, increasing security not just along the border, but anywhere requiring a high level of protection.

Glenn Spencer -- American Patrol Report
Why the Trump Promo?
    In late July we learned from a very reliable source that Donald Trump had asked one of his top people to attend the August 15 demonstration of SEIDARM, He did so after seeing a video involving JD Hayworth.
    In appreciation of this, I had “GO TRUMP” painted on the bottom of my airplane. At the last minute his lieutenant was diverted to the Iowa State Fair because Trump was going to be there. This is understandable.
    Jokingly, maybe the banner should have read, “Where did you GO TRUMP ?”
    I am hoping that the Donald and other presidential candidates will take the time to learn of SEIDARM and how it can help secure the border.