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July 25, 2016

The Reclusive Border Man
Media can't find Glenn Spencer
Left: Glenn Spencer and the airplanes he flies
Right: Glenn on the front page of the Washington Post - August 25, 2015.
American Border Patrol -- July 25, 2016
Does Glenn Spencer know too much?
    Glenn Spencer has been on the Arizona/Mexico border running American Border Patrol for fourteen years.
    He owns a ranch right on the border.
    He was the chief pilot for Operation BEEF that mapped the border fence beginning in 2006.
    In 2008 he established Operation Virtual Vigilance that used volunteers to monitor the border remotely.
    in 2010 He invented technology that can stop drug smugglers.
    Video of presentation to Az legislators in 2010.
    Recent story on SEIDARM --- the most recent version of his invention.
    Yet, when the news people asked border ranchers what they thought of the Trump fence, he wasn't included.
    The New York Times did a big story featuring John Ladd --- Glenn's neighbor and good friend.
    "The Times reporter could see my house from John's ranch," Spencer said.
    In 2011 Cronkite News Service did a story on Glenn's technology.
    In 2012 Cronkite reported that Arizona State Senators walked out on Glenn.
    Yet, when Cronkite was involved in a survey of border ranchers, Glenn was included --- out.
    Does anyone have an idea of why Glenn wasn't interviewed by the media for these stories?
    Could it be he knows too much?

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