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July 28, 2016

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Total Border Solution Needed
    Donald Trump is planning to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration and drug smuggling. According to press reports, the wall will cover 1,000 miles of the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. According to Trump, no wall is needed in those areas which have "natural barriers" -- about 1,000 miles.
    There are four main areas that might be considered natural barriers - the Big Bend in Texas, mountains west of Nogales, Arizona, the Sonoran Desert east of Yuma, Arizona, and mountains west of Calexico, California. These areas total about 500 miles of border -- at best.
    Building a wall along the Big Bend would be extremely expensive, and probably of little value. The same applies to the mountains along the California border -- although we have spotted Border Patrol working in this area.
    Building a wall in the Sonoran Desert would be cheap but, again, of little value.
    Building a wall west of Nogales would be extremely expensive -- but this is a major smuggling area. How does Mr. Trump propose to stop illegal border traffic in this area?
    As Mr. Trump heads for the debates and closer scrutiny of his border wall plan, he would be advised to consider a solution for the entire border -- not just those places where it is easy to build a wall.