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July 31, 2016

Activist says America may have only months to live
Hillary's amnesty would end U.S. as a nation
From report by Glenn Spencer's California group -- VCT
American Patrol Report
History of California's Population Shift
    Glenn Spencer has been active in the effort to stem illegal immigration since early 1992, devoting full-time to the issue for 24-years.
    Early on, Spencer joined with demographer Dr. Meredith Burke to study population trends in California. Using raw data from the California Dept. of Health, they found that in 1970, whites accounted for 70% of births in California. By 1992 that number had dropped to less than 40%. More than half of Hispanic births were to mothers born in Mexico --- and 60% of those were in the country illegally. According to Spencer, had it not been for Reagan's 1986 amnesty, many here legally would have been counted as illegal.
    By 2014, Hispanics outnumbered whites in California.
    This happened because of illegal immigration, pure and simple, Spencer claims.
Demographic War
    Hispanic leaders have said we are in a demographic war.
    Hillary Clinton has advocated granting amnesty to illegal aliens, and suggests she will leave the border open. According to Spencer, this is a formula for disaster. "Based on my 24 years of experience, the election of Hillary Clinton as president would mean the end of the United States as a sovereign nation --- there is no doubt of this," Spencer said.
Information War
    But more than a demographic war, according to Spencer we are in an information war. "The Democratic Party and the liberal media have fought to keep the truth about illegal immigration from the American people. We must find a way to tell them what is about to happen --- before it is too late," he added.