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August 1, 2016

Sierra Vista Herald Tells the Truth
The only honest newspaper in Arizona?
Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- August 1, 2016
Silencing SEIDARM
Once again, the Sierra Vista Herald has shown it is the only honest newspaper in Arizona.
    On Saturday the Herald posted a video showing how the SEIDARM border security system spotted and reported suspected drug smugglers. (We posted the basic video last Friday).
    American Border Patrol has been demonstrating this basic technology for six years.
    Two years ago, I personally showed it to the guy who runs border technology for DHS. He wasn't interested.
    In early 2015, I tried to get my local congresswoman interested. She wouldn't talk to me --- and still won't.
    The system that was shown in the Herald was installed by American Border Patrol (at a cost of more than $100,000) to show Gov. Ducey's Border Strike Task Force that it works.
    They got a final report from me in April. So far, no interest has been shown --- even though their people told me that they would report that "It works".
    SEIDARM could be installed on the entire Arizona border in weeks and help stop all drugs from getting to our kids.
    Why has it been silenced?