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August 13, 2016

Mainstream Media Attacks Trump Wall
Is it misleading us? photo suggests park in Mexico would restrict construction of border wall. It would not. -- Note: Chron should have looked at ABP's photos of the Del Rio Port of Entry...Here, and Here.
Houston Chronicle
Sorry, Donald Trump: Building a border wall would be near impossible because of this
 While Donald Trump and other like-minded politicians like to paint the picture of the U.S.-Mexican border as a pre-militarized zone waiting for a wall and a soldier to keep it safe, there's at least one problem with sticking the world's second Great Wall on the border to prevent immigration.
    Namely, the swimming pools.
    While the border is often depicted as a desert wasteland filled with cacti and rattlesnakes, in many cases the border resembles a neighborhood much like any other: some nice houses on one side of a street, some more nice houses on the other side of the street.
    In other places the border is butted by protected wildlife areas, such as the Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area in south Texas, which would require building walls through critical habits.
    There's also national parks, baseball stadiums, backyards and various other obstacles that would have to be walled over or through (and more than a few eminent domains invoked).
    That's not to mention the general winding nature of the borderline itself that would create.

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
Sorry, Americans can use Google Earth
   The Houston Chronicle suggests that certain problems will make building a wall on the border impossible.
    The graphics people at forgot that Americans can use Google Earth to see for themselves!
    For example, showed a photo from Google Earth of a sports field near Del Rio, Texas, --- suggesting that this park would restrict construction of a border wall. I used Google Earth to take a look at this area and found that a wall could be constructed --- rather easily.
    I found similar issues with photos of places like Slaughter Ranch in Arizona, El Paso, Texas, Chula Vista, California, Columbus, New Mexico --- in fact just about every photo used in this piece.
   To be sure, there are many places where building a wall along the border would be very difficult, but appears not to know where they are.